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>Happy Monday!

>Today was an awesome Monday – and that doesn’t often happen!

Today I handed in my dissertation! Yes people I am finished. 11500 words. 32 pages. 1 appendix. 40 entries in my bibliography. All done. I’m so happy my face almost split from smiling so much.

In more good news- MY HOUSE IS FINISHED! And yes, that deserved capitals! The building work is done on J and mines first house. We can move in during the next couple of weeks and I am so excited. We have been waiting so long its almost unbelievable that its finished!

I also got these amazing shoes!

I love them, heels that are comfortable and look good. How can you beat that?!

I hope everyone else had such an amazing Monday! xxx


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>Welcome to my new blog layout! Any comments or feedback are appreciated. I shall see everyone next week.

In the mean time I leave you with this beautiful quote from Og Mandino,

‘I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.’

Happy Sunday xxx

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>Saturday Steals


So today’s Saturday Steals comes on a very different tack to the one I normally take. You will find no produce and no office clothes! Yep I was just a stunned – I have made it through a week without buying cut price produce and clothes! My bank account thanks me.

So this is what I have found….

Really high quality fabrics with which to make cushions for my new house and settee. I went for really neutral colours because the sofa is a really vibrant russet red which would be hard to match colours to.

The first one was only £3! I have about enough fabric to make about one medium sized cushion- a pretty good deal in my mind!

The second one was £4.57. (I know, a really random price!) This piece is a little bigger so will make about two normal sized cushions.

I was so very happy when I found these, cushions are defiantly on my to do list for next week!

Have a happy and relaxing weekend all xxx

(apologies for the photos, the light and my camera were not co-operating!)


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>I love this…


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>Onion Soup Recipe


So on the urgings of one commentator, here is the recipe for my Onion Soup. Please do not think that this will be a really detailed description because this is a really easy soup to make. It just tastes fantastic!

So to being, you need: some strong onions (maybe 5-6), 2-3 pints of stock- beef is best (enough to cover the onions), worcester sauce, and seasonings.

The most important step in this soup is to caramelise the onions. Let me repeat that, caramelise your onions! You can do this in a bit of butter, until they are nice and soft and a little brown. If you want your soup to be a little sweeter you can add a bit of sherry or other alcohol to help them along, but make sure you cook them long enough to cook the alcohol off. If you don’t cook the onions for long enough in this step the soup won’t be that nice! Once you have done this, add your onions to the stock and cook them. Thats it. That simple. The soup needs to cook for long enough for the stock to reduce and for the soup to thicken and to get the consistency that you like. Add in your worcester sauce and seasonings (salt and pepper) and there you go!

Perhaps I shouldn’t have published this- its so simple that onion soup will no longer impress your friends and family!

Happy Thursday everyone! xxx

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>Sausage Dog… work in progress!

>Now, I am one of the worlds most uber procrastinators! If I can do something else than no doubt I will. This next photo is a case in point!

Instead of doing exam revision I have been distracted myself on the blog ‘Feeling Stitchy’, which has some wonderful examples of embroidery. Not least the pattern by kootoyoo which you see above.

Now this piece is a work in progress, although I have almost finished the stitching, I need to build a frame. If you look at the photo below the piece is meant to give the illusion of of the dog wrapping around the frame. Meaning that I am going to have to build a very exact sized frame in order to make it fit!

More things to distract me from revision! Which is a real pity as my final exam is on the 6th of May. So much work to do… so many things to distract me from it!

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>Saturday Steals


So its that time of the week again where we all indulge in a little Saturday Stealing. (Yes I know that sounds immediately wrong. Scouts honour that I paid for these!)

So without any further adieu, we are back to a familiar theme for my steals… produce! Yes ladies and gentlemen I am nothing if not predictable. But. Wait. These onions, they were 19p. How could I leave them? It was just such good value that I was compelled to buy this pack of onions, compelled I tell you!

So what does one woman do when faced with a pack of onion? She makes soup, thats what she does.

Because… sautéed onions + stock + a little bit of worcester sauce = onion soup heaven.

You heard it here first people.

*This has been a public service announcement on behalf of the Soup Lovers Party*

I think for next week i’m going to have to come up with something completely different to steal, otherwise you will think me obsessed with produce and office clothes!

Have a happy and relaxing weekend



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