>Saturday Steals

>So I thought I would deviate from my produce themed Saturday Steals for just one week. Today, then, its all about the clothes!

I should probably prefix this post with a declaimer- I work for a large British supermarket, and thats how I managed to get most of these deals. So firstly at the place where I work we are currently having a 1/2 price sale on some clothes. This would be good in itself, but on top of that there is currently an additional 25% of of all clothing. Plus my 15% staff discount, this was too good an opportunity to waste.

So first up is this lovely combo.

The jeans were meant to be £14 but I got them for £8.40 which I though was pretty dandy. (Ignore the cardigan- I was cold!) The linen shirt was originally meant to be £16 but I got it for £9.60, again a pretty good deal I think. There are two other good things about this shirt, firstly its a size 8 so its a miracle it fits me at all, and secondly J picked it out. Being a boy he isn’t that attuned to what I wear on a daily basis so if he likes something, it must be good!

But my piece de resistance when it comes to clothing deals has to be this skirt though. Now this was originally half price, but I got another 40% off of that, meaning a skirt that was originally meant to be £12 ended up costing me £1.20! If that isn’t a steal then I don’t know what is!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Easter weekend, and has a relaxing time. Unfortunately I am at work until gone midnight tonight, so relaxing is not on my agenda!



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3 responses to “>Saturday Steals

  1. >I love that skirt! Super cute!

  2. >DEALS! And STEALS! That skirt is ADORABLE. I really like the tulip waistline. Good job!

  3. >I heart that skirt. *is jealous* Great steals!! :o)

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