>Saturday Steals


So to continue on a familiar theme, this weeks saturday steals is all about clothes. Now you may be about to notice a theme in the type of clothes that i’m buying. Now the end of my degree begets the end of my time as a student, which begets the need for me to get a proper job which begets the need for grown up clothes. Hence… office steals!

First this skirt. I like this skirt. Its all floaty and cool to wear whilst also looking quite smart. My type of office wear! But the best thing about this skirt is the price tag, only £3! Yes £3. Reduced from £29.50. This is the sort of reduction which I like.

This dress. I love this dress, love, love, love this dress. Its all kinda svelte yet comfy to wear. My kind of dress. Its also made of a very soft jersey material which is also amazing. But the best. The best thing about this dress was the price- it cost me £5. Yes, £5 whole pounds. Which is pretty amazing in my book because it was originally meant to be £49.50. Oh how I love the M and S sale!

I also love the little detailing across the front, it makes my heart sing! (And yes I know I love a lot of things today… blame it on the very sunny weather!)

(PS: I know this photo is horribly over exposed, I just couldn’t get my camera to co-operate with me, or perhaps I wasn’t co-operating with my camera, but either way, yes I know yuk!)

I should probably put a disclaimer on this post. It was difficult to photograph these two pieces because they look so much better on. Unfortunately J is ill at the moment and I didn’t want to make him conduct a photo shoot from his bed! So use your imagination!…

Happy bargain hunting, I hope every one had peaceful and enjoyable weekends, i’m off out for a walk as the weather is so nice. xxx



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2 responses to “>Saturday Steals

  1. >You definitely got some AMAZING deals there, dude! I'm sooooo jealous :o) I love them. Great job! That skirt? You're lucky you live so far away so I can't snatch it from you. ;op

  2. >That dress is so pretty! I think you should do a real live fashion shoot of all your steals you've showcased. (This reminds me that I don't have a little black dress, and I don't really have anywhere to wear one, but I've always wanted to.)

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