>Sausage Dog… work in progress!

>Now, I am one of the worlds most uber procrastinators! If I can do something else than no doubt I will. This next photo is a case in point!

Instead of doing exam revision I have been distracted myself on the blog ‘Feeling Stitchy’, which has some wonderful examples of embroidery. Not least the pattern by kootoyoo which you see above.

Now this piece is a work in progress, although I have almost finished the stitching, I need to build a frame. If you look at the photo below the piece is meant to give the illusion of of the dog wrapping around the frame. Meaning that I am going to have to build a very exact sized frame in order to make it fit!

More things to distract me from revision! Which is a real pity as my final exam is on the 6th of May. So much work to do… so many things to distract me from it!


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