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>Saturday (make that Sunday) Steals


So still no camera. Hence no pretty pictures. But my steal this week can kinda get away without. Whilst in town this week I picked up season 2 of the new Doctor Who for only £20. Which considering it was originally meant to be £70, i’m counting this as a fairly major stealing score.

It does however mean that Doctor Who has once again stolen the large majority of my free time as I become obsessed with watching it once more. This obsession is even bleeding over in to J’s time (which is either a major score or a major corruption on my part!)

If you are yet to checkout Doctor Who, or indeed have no idea what i’m talking about, I really recommend that you do. This is TV at its finest. (The new series is currently all up on BBC iplayer in its entirety.)

Anyway, this is only a short one, because I have to go to work (sob), but I hope everyone has a happy and relaxing Sunday. Away from work if you have any luck at all! xxx

ps. I got the picture courtesy of Amazon, sorry for the quality!



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>Egg Drop Soup

>So I thought I would be able to do a lovely little post today about my new house. I thought by Thursday I would have found my camera cable and photos would be forthcoming. Unfortunately I have now found my cable but lost my camera! My ineptitude strikes again!

So. No photos- thus no post! So instead you get a post on soup! J is away at the moment, he has gone sailing across the north sea with his Dad, so apart from this being a rather lonely state of affairs, there is an upside. I get to eat eggs! Now don’t laugh. J hates eggs, thus I don’t tend to cook things with them in for the both of us, but I love them. So a night on my own equals Chinese Egg Drop Soup!

This soup is comfort food extraordinaire!

So to make this bowl of loveliness you will need:

4 cups of chicken stock
2 chopped green/ spring onions
1 tablespoon of peeled and grated ginger
a pinch of white pepper
a pinch of chinese 5 spice
2 beaten eggs

Bring your chicken stock to the simmering point and add the chopped green onions, the grated ginger and the spices. Leave it to cook for a little bit whilst beating the eggs. Then carefully pour the eggs in to the soup, through a fork so that they separate nicely. The eggs should cook as soon as they hit the soup, if they don’t separate properly, stir the soup with a whisk for a while so that the eggs don’t clump.

And then your done! Serve this up and you have a bowl full of the quickest, easiest, nicest soup you will ever spend ten minutes making! Now because i’m on my own and just a little bit greedy I ate both portions, but this should make enough for two (non- greedy!) people!

Enjoy your Thursday evening, at some point this blog will resume with photos. (Promise!) xxx

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>Saturday Steals


My steals this week are of a householdy type nature. Which I suppose is unsurprising since I just gained a house. And because nobody tells you how expensive things like loo paper are before you get said house, steals become all that much more important to your continuing sanity (and that of your bank manager)!

So without further ado, here is one of my favourite things that I brought from the mecca that is Ikea. Have I mentioned that I worship at the alter of Scandinavian flat pack furniture?! What, you think thats a bit weird? Your now backing away in to a corner, brandishing a breadstick, hoping to fend me off? Yes? Well. Have a seat. Theres a lovely flat pack chair for your enjoyment just there!

This vase ladies and gentlemen, is my Ikea steal of the week. I love this vase. Its handblown and a delicious colour. Even better than all of that it was only £6.99. Pretty good for a hand blown glass vase me thinks.

And if this wasn’t a steal enough, if you go to Ikea on a Wednesday its ‘Meatball Wednesday!’ Where you get an entire (and tasty) meal of meatballs for only £1.50. Plus, if this wasn’t bonus enough, the Ikea near me is really quiet on a Wednesday, so your don’t have to fight the hordes of middle England to get your steals!

So there you have it people. Ikea is defiantly where it is at!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and happy weekend, and I shall see you all next week. Scouts honour. xxx


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>Hello once more…

>Well, I must first apologise for the extra long break I seem to have had! In my defence we did only get internet this Wednesday and I had no idea how much stuff we would have to move! If moving has taught me anything, it is that I have far to much ‘stuff’. Stuff that ends up in boxes, which I then have to move, unpack and then put away. (After having made J build many shelves to put the aforementioned ‘stuff’ on). Moving takes far longer than anyone warned me!

Also this week I lost a battle with my Dad’s workbench, fell over it, and managed to fracture my toe. Which is now a very pretty shade of red and black. Hence why moving has taken a lot longer than I had imagined. But on a major plus side, the house is very nearly finished! I’m so excited it is unbelievable. (And when I have managed to find/ unpack my camera cable there will be pictures!)

But lets round this post off with a little snippet of my failures in the kitchen. Today I have friends coming round for dinner, so I decided to bake a cake for dinner. This is all sounding pretty reasonable so far, but when turing on my new oven, I wasn’t really paying that much attention. Instead of managing to turn on my fan oven, I turned on the grill. Epic fail. So I grilled my cake for half and hour with out noticing, and then started to complain that it wasn’t cooking! Not good. Not good at all. So my cake is currently still cooking, (oven now on) lord knows if we will all die of food poisoning this evening or not. If i’m here tomorrow for Saturday Steals, you will know that my cooking has not claimed another victim!

Happy Friday everyone xxx

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>Saturday Steals once more


So todays Saturday Steals are only a little quickie because I am meant to be moving boxes and crushing cardboard! But about a month a go I went in to one of the charity shops in town and they were having a half price picture sale. Now I’m always a sucker for a bit more art and I picked up this lovely sketch.

Now ignoring the ugly frame (which i’m going to change) I love this sketch. One of the major plus points however was the price. It was half price for only 50p! How can you beat that? I love to imagine who Colin Williamson (the signature on the bottom) was and why he donated this picture to a charity shop. In my head he is a little old man who honeymooned with his wife in this cottage, when she tragically died he couldn’t bear to see the reminder of those happy days so gave the picture away. (Yes i’m aware i’m reading far too much in to this!)

Right, I must go move house to happy Saturday everyone! xxx

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>Hellllllooooo, is there anybody out there????

>Hello once more! Is there any one out there? No? Have I neglected my corner of the internet for too long? Probably. But I had a really good reason. You see yesterday, I finished my final university exam. 3 hours. 3 essay questions. 14 sides of A4! (My hand practically fell off) The good news being that I think I only mucked one of the questions up and in the immortal words of Meatloaf, two out of three ain’t bad! So I am now officially educated and everything!

So heres the kicker. Last night I stayed up until 530 in the morning (yes you heard that right from a girl who is usually in bed by 1030), to watch the election results and there is still no damn government. But thats more of a side issue really.

My other big time eater up recently is that I am in the process of moving house. A word to the wise if you want to feel prepared for your finals, don’t attempt moving house at the same time! Thats a Ticklepea fun fact! So the point of this post is that hopefully, after the weekend I shall be back properly with fun, interesting posts that don’t centre on produce and I will be blogging from my brand new house! Its all good. If I get my act together (which is always debatable) I should joint in with Saturday Steals also!

I hope every one is well, I for one am going to have a day off! Happy Friday everyone. xxx

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>Saturday Steals

>So these weeks Saturday Steals comes from a rather stressed place. Not only is my final exam at university next Thursday, (a fact i’m trying very hard to repress) but I am also trying to complete on my house and move. When it rains, it pours! All of these things are good; i’m very excited to finished my degree, start my career and move house, but they do add more layers of stress to my life. Thus I should add an apology for my lack of posts this week (and probably next).

But that aside on to this weeks Saturday Steals. And you will be glad to note that I am keeping up my new tradition of not mentioning produce or office clothes!

So without further ado here is what I have gained this week. These amazing vintage, metal, advertising plates.

I love this first one with the amazingly evil looking cat!

But on this one I adore the typeface and the whole general style of the illustration.

The best thing about these pictures is that they only cost me £10 each! Pretty good I feel. These are going to find a home in my kitchen, when we finally move in.

I hope everyone has a happy and relaxing weekend, and I will see you all next week, (unless I have drowned in a pile of revision, that is!) xxx


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