>Happy Tuesday!

>Today has indeed been a good day! Full of Doctor Who, crocheting and writing. But today was defiantly made great because J and I brought a piano! It was so much fun, we went in to this little piano shop and got to try out all the different models. Eventually we settled on the model that we went in thinking that we wanted in the first place! We are now the proud owners of a Roland F110 in white! (Or we will be when it gets here, hopefully by the end of the month.)

I feel quite decadent buying a piano, but hopefully we will get good use out of it. Both J and I played the piano as kids and its something that we both really want to go back to. Fun Ros fact alert. When I was 6 I won a poetry competition and got £50. When your 6 that seems like riches untold! My parents wanted me to buy something that I could keep for a long time so I brought my first keyboard. Lessons through my school cost 50p for half an hour and I was taught to bang out all the old favourites- When the Saints go Marching in was a particular favourite of my teacher I seem to recall. Then finally I graduated to playing with both hands, and the first song I learnt to play? Let it be by the Beatles. I remember that it was on the last page of the music book that we were playing through and I felt to proud that I had got there. So I love this song. Its one of my go to tunes. No matter what sort of mood I’m in I can listen to this song and feel better. So the first thing I’m teaching myself to play again? Definitely Let it Be!

Have a musical Tuesday and check this out!


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