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>Little starfish

>I’m going with better late than never on this one. He was drawn whilst listening to jazz and relaxing on my sofa! A very calming draw which turned out far better than expected.

(Sorry about the photo quality it was really far too dark!)

Lindy xxx


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>Unfortunately drawing time has been a little restricted in the last few days, but hopefully I should have something to post later this evening.

One of the reasons that I’ve been a little lax is that James and I took a short trip to Edinburgh this week which was amazing! It was one of those days where everything just went right. Hands down the best place we visited was defiantly the Royal Botanic Gardens. The outside areas were free to wander about in, and the Glass houses were very reasonably priced to enter. I took hundreds of photos as you can see below! All in all it was an amazing day and the perfect antidote to a grey start to the week down here.

Hope everyone is having as equally good middle of the week!

Lindy xxx

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>A fish called Wanda…

>Todays drawing offering…

I had a bonus day off of work today. I had some spare holiday to book and had completely forgotten that I had booked it for this week. Bonus!

Happy Sunday

Lindy xxx

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>Saturday Steals Vol 18

>So I was thinking about what I could tell you about this week. I considered this beautiful glass butter dish that was given to James and I by his grandmother.

But then I thought about all the other things that might be worth more than a butter dish. You see I have a lot of ‘stuff’, and sometimes I wonder whether it is too much. Now its not that I don’t value the butter dish, and its not that I’m not very grateful for the gift. Its just that I’ve been thinking recently about all the things that we get for free that might be worth more.

Like this morning. The first thing that James told me as I woke up was that I was beautiful. The first thing that I told him was that I loved him.

He downloaded this music for me because he knows that its my favourite song.

Its the little things that we do in out everyday lives that add up to the really big happiness.

Here is the picture I managed to draw for today. For some reason she looks really really worried!

Hope everyone has a love filled weekend!

Lindy xxxx

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>That Friday feeling…

>Last night for dinner James made me this…

Its true I am a very lucky girl! Steak and garlic potatoes. I very much enjoyed this!

Today, amongst other things, I watched an awful lot of House and drew these little cuties!

I tried for a second time because I ran out of room at the top on the first one!

I also decided to buy some new sketching pencils. Over the years I have had loads of different sets, but seem to have ended up with a glut of 4H’s and 3B’s and not a lot in between! Thus a new set was required. I managed to get this tin from W H Smiths for half price at only £2.74- a pretty good deal I thought. But that aside the thing that amused me about these was the warning on the back.

What I was trying to show, through my poor photography skills was the warning which said ‘Recommended for age 14 years & above’! I mean really. They are only pencils, those below 14 don’t have the right to draw?! Madness, I tell you. Madness.

Lindy xxx

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>Things I’m Thinking About Thursday Vol 2

>I’ve been a little remiss in keeping this up, but here is the second instalment of things I’ve been thinking about this week.

Birds. These are the birds that live on the river outside of my flat. Since I’ve had a pretty sedentary week at home I’ve been watching them quite a lot.

This Jumper. I love it. And I want it. But its £45. And thats a lot of money in my world for a jumper!,4,shop,womenswear,womensknits

Stephen Fry’s new book. I really want to read it but its £12.99 for the e-book and I just haven’t got round to justifying that much money on an e-book to myself yet!


Pictures. I really want to do something like this in our bedroom, but need to find some cool frames first.


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>My paltry offering for today on the drawing front…

I enjoyed this one. For the first time in ages I’m drawing things which look like actual things!

Happy Thursday xxxx

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