>That Friday feeling…

>Last night for dinner James made me this…

Its true I am a very lucky girl! Steak and garlic potatoes. I very much enjoyed this!

Today, amongst other things, I watched an awful lot of House and drew these little cuties!

I tried for a second time because I ran out of room at the top on the first one!

I also decided to buy some new sketching pencils. Over the years I have had loads of different sets, but seem to have ended up with a glut of 4H’s and 3B’s and not a lot in between! Thus a new set was required. I managed to get this tin from W H Smiths for half price at only £2.74- a pretty good deal I thought. But that aside the thing that amused me about these was the warning on the back.

What I was trying to show, through my poor photography skills was the warning which said ‘Recommended for age 14 years & above’! I mean really. They are only pencils, those below 14 don’t have the right to draw?! Madness, I tell you. Madness.

Lindy xxx


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