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>7 Good Things Vol 10

>The best things in life are free…

1. Hugs at the end of long day…


2. Sleeping in


3. The wonder of the stars, reminding me that there are far greater forces at work


4. Words, beautiful words spilling for amazing minds


5. The wonder of creating music


6. The love of a family

7. The still of the morning

(This is sunrise this morning)

Have a peaceful week my friends

Lindy xxx


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>Saturday Steals Vol 22

>When I first started doing Saturday Steals (make that Sunday because I’m tardy), I was all about the produce and today I am returning to my roots! You know me, I love a good food related bargain. Or perhaps its just that the most common thing I buy is food, either way these were a definite steal.

Now around these parts cherries are an incredibly expensive thing. They are currently £8/ kg meaning that the bag below is about £4 worth of cherries. Now I love cherries but not enough to pay £4 for such a momentary pleasure. Thats just pushing it a little to far!

But whilst I was at work last night, I found these three beautiful bags of cherries reduced to only 50p/ kg. Which mean that in total these beauties cost me 58p for all of them!. Now if that isn’t a steal I don’t know what is!

(And yet I’ve already eaten the other two bags, why do you ask?!)

Excellent fruit. Price that won’t make my bank manager weep. It makes for a good weekend!

Happy weekend friends,

Lindy xxx


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>For ages I’ve been promising an update on what I’m doing craft wise and here it is! Because I’m so busy at the moment with work and what not most of the craft projects I’ve been attempting have been quite small. On that theme this was the perfect project for me! I got this in kit form for Christmas; little enough that I could cart it around and simple enough that I could do it when I was really tired, it was great!

The kit had clear instructions and it was remarkably easy to follow the pattern, which I was pleased about because I haven’t done any cross stitch in a very long time.

My only complaint would be that there was no quite enough green floss in the kit to finish the edging and I had to go digging in my stash to find a similar colour.

The finished article

For the sake of honesty heres what the back looked like! I really need to get neater!

With the backing on…

Put to good use!

All I need to find out now is where I can get that Adia fabric with the pretty edging on so I can make some more! I think they would make very good presents, and at the rate I sew I should be done in time for Christmas!

Happy Wednesday!

Lindy xxx

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>7 Good Things Vol 9

>I’m posting a little later today because I failed to charge my ipad over the weekend- epic fail!

But I having a pretty good time at the moment so my 7 things were once again pretty easy to come up with.

1. My Persephone Books catalogue turned up at the end of last week and I enjoyed reading it immensely. Persephone books is a independent publisher which predominantly focuses on previously out of print early 20th century books by women. They are beautifully finished books with amazing end plates created from fabrics which come from the period or are in some way connected with the characters or author. My geek-o-meter topped out! Now I just have to save up some money to actually buy these beautiful things!
2. My Mum brought me back some rock for a recent seaside trip- so yummy!
3. Pretty new yarn to make me some fingerless mittens
4. These videos…. so fantastic and informative!
5. Delicious lasagne made by Jim
6. I left work early today and got to walk home in the sunlight!
7. I finally finished my Physics book, ‘We need to talk about Kelvin’…. and my mind? Its blown. Review to follow later in the week!

Well I hope you are all having a fantastic time, please share some of your good things in the comments!

Happy Monday!

Love Lindy xxxx

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>Saturday Steals Vol 21

>Ahh, my friends I am a late comer to this party because unfortunately I have been at work. It is the bane of my life… and I have to go back tomorrow!

But on a more positive note I have acquired some very pretty dress this week. For only £12 and £8.80 respectively because I found a cool online coupon which deducted 20% off my bill, I am counting these as a steal!

(Sorry no photos because the website won’t co-operate and the Royal Mail are still looking after them for me!)

And actually thats a good point for all you Saturday Stealers out there, before I buy anything on the internet I always google for a promotional cope. Nine times out of ten I find something, be it free shipping or 20% off and something is much much better than nothing!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend, I think I might go and sleep for a week!

Lindy xxx


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>The Sun also Rises

>I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love the sunrise; I never thought I’d be in this position- one where I’m up to watch the sunrise more days than I’m not. Yesterday was a particularly spectacular one. It caught me off guard; a beauty so elemental that it touched my soul at its very core.

The pinks and the purples seemed to battle for dominance over the darken grey sky, slowing pushing their way out, like arms of the universe gently caressing the morning, reassuring the day that it was not alone.

That although the sun had risen every day for the last 5 billion years, this day, would not go un announced in to the cosmos. Its dawning would not go un noticed and without fan fare.

By the time I reached work this morning the sky had mellowed, the vibrant pinks and purples had given way to a gentle golden glow, bathing the landscape. It was beautiful. It reminded me in this grey and often difficult world, that there was beauty. Beauty that is free to all, elemental and right.

This feeling stayed with me for the rest of the day. There is a word to describe this kind of feeling- numinous. A feeling of spiritual awe at the incomprehensible. I could look up the scientific explanation for why sunrise causes the sky to take on different colour, and this would explain to the how. But it would not touch on the why.

Yesterday I stopped to worship at the alter of beauty and nature. I complain about getting up early for my job all the time, and yesterday I was reminded to count my blessings. I live in a beautiful albeit sometimes difficult and dangerous cosmos. It is stunning and inexplicable to me in equal measures. Yet that is the attraction. I love the sunrise precisely because I cannot explain it. A daily reminder that somethings do not need to have a purpose, and that some feelings are worthy because of their innate existence.

Happy Thursday my friends.

Lindy xxx

(Of course I didn’t have my camera with me yesterday so these pictures are ones I’ve taken over the last year of various mornings.)

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>7 Good Things Vol 8

>Happy Monday! For the first time in ages I had a weekend off and I enjoyed it immensely. I totally see why people might ‘live for the weekend’, it really is that good! I normally only get every other Sunday off from work, so its a really nice change of pace to have some time for just me and Jim.

So here are my good things, I promise you these weren’t hard to come up with!

1. The weekend. It was just impossibly nice!
2. The vegetarian ‘Shepard’s Pie’ which James made- so so good.
3. ‘The Kings Speech’, we went to see this on Sunday evening with my Dad and it really does live up to all the hype.
4. Chamomile tea, I have memories of my Granny washing my hair in this when I was a child to make sure it stayed blonde and consequently I haven’t drunk much of it since! But I was missing out, because it is seriously relaxing and refreshing.
5. This site. It never fails to inspire me.
6. Sweet I love you notes from Jim to cheer me up
7. These Youtube videos. Immense. (Be warned there is swearing).

What is making you happy this Monday?

Lindy xxx

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