>Saturday Steals Vol 20

>Ahh the joys of blogging from my iPad? No photos. So you will just have to flex your imagination. My Saturday steal this week comes from the wonders of the January sales.

Now I have a favourite pair of brown boots. Comfortable. Good colour. Fleece lined. Pretty much perfect. Unfortunatly this perfection has recently been marred with the sole starting to disintegrate and the zip breaking. Making my once favourite pair of boots unwearable! Not so good.

Usher in the wonder of the January sales. These boots were originally meant to be £79. For £79 I would want my boots to be able to make me fly or something. For that amount of money I would want them to have magic powers and to stop me getting lost. In my world £79 is an awful lot of money for shoes.

£29 however is more my kind of price. For that I don’t feel ripped off and indeed I feel as though I got a deal! £29 for cute brown boots with swanky purple lining that will go with large proportion of my wardrobe? Now that is my kind of saturday steal!

Hope everyone enjoyed their New Years celebrations, me I stayed in with James and watched the fireworks on the TV. Nice quiet night in because I had to be up for my mega crazy day at work today (1000- 1800 and then 2200- 600) yes I know I am mad!

Lindy xxx


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  1. >Holler for cheap boots! I am on a boots kick lately, and am buying them up as fast as I can wear them. I'm glad you got some. Thanks for participating!

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