>7 Good Things Vol 8

>Happy Monday! For the first time in ages I had a weekend off and I enjoyed it immensely. I totally see why people might ‘live for the weekend’, it really is that good! I normally only get every other Sunday off from work, so its a really nice change of pace to have some time for just me and Jim.

So here are my good things, I promise you these weren’t hard to come up with!

1. The weekend. It was just impossibly nice!
2. The vegetarian ‘Shepard’s Pie’ which James made- so so good.
3. ‘The Kings Speech’, we went to see this on Sunday evening with my Dad and it really does live up to all the hype.
4. Chamomile tea, I have memories of my Granny washing my hair in this when I was a child to make sure it stayed blonde and consequently I haven’t drunk much of it since! But I was missing out, because it is seriously relaxing and refreshing.
5. This site. It never fails to inspire me.
6. Sweet I love you notes from Jim to cheer me up
7. These Youtube videos. Immense. (Be warned there is swearing).

What is making you happy this Monday?

Lindy xxx


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