>Saturday Steals Vol 21

>Ahh, my friends I am a late comer to this party because unfortunately I have been at work. It is the bane of my life… and I have to go back tomorrow!

But on a more positive note I have acquired some very pretty dress this week. For only £12 and £8.80 respectively because I found a cool online coupon which deducted 20% off my bill, I am counting these as a steal!



(Sorry no photos because the website won’t co-operate and the Royal Mail are still looking after them for me!)

And actually thats a good point for all you Saturday Stealers out there, before I buy anything on the internet I always google for a promotional cope. Nine times out of ten I find something, be it free shipping or 20% off and something is much much better than nothing!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend, I think I might go and sleep for a week!

Lindy xxx



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2 responses to “>Saturday Steals Vol 21

  1. >I agree. I always look for the best deals when shopping online. It might take a while to search for them, but it's usually worth it in the end.

  2. >Yes, I have just recently started doing that, and I have always found something worth entering!Thanks for posting. Although I am sad I don't get to see the lovely dresses. I hope you post pics when you get them!Thanks for participating!

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