>Friday follies

>So I had a spurt of inspiration (read insanity) today, and decided that dislocated knee be damned, what I really needed to do was clean my lounge and kitchen. Now you know when you reach your tolerance for mess and you hit the point where your fingers itch because you just can’t stand the clutter anymore? (No only me? Thats sad! Alone here with my neuroses on my sofa. But hey hum, at least my kitchen is now tidy!)

So lets back up. My kitchen is now tidy, yes. But is now 12:30. I started this big plan for tidiness at 8:30 this morning when I got up and saw the mess as I one handedly tried to do something about it whilst making my morning coffee. My crutch skillz have got to the point where I can hobble about on one crutch for limited periods. So picture it. I have one spare hand and a very messy house, so I could only pick up one thing at a time. It took a while. And all I could think was how I needed one of those trays ushers get at cinemas to put the stuff in that had very rudely scattered itself around my house.


I have too add that as I type this it is now 1:30. I got distracted by trying to make myself lunch. Now considering my hobble status we haven’t done any food shopping this week. Thus I have been eating pretty much what ever I can find and today that was 2 eggs, some Italian hard cheese and some sun dried tomatoes. Omelet here I come! I was so pleased with myself, I thought myself so clever for being able to rustle up such a meal! So I heated up the pan, whisked the egg, poured it in, added the stuff and waited for omlettey goodness to happen. Then as my final flourish I folded it in half so I had a nice semi circular omelet and discovered that my frying pan had decided to stop being non-stick and deposit its non-stickiness all over my omelet. It is probably a testament to the fact that I was recently a student, that I simply scraped off the worst of it and ate it anyway. Or to the fact I was really hungry. Take your pick.

So there we go I have been home all morning and have only managed to just about tidy one room and fail at making an omelet.


Lets try again tomorrow!

Happy Friday

Lindy xxx


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