7 Good Things Vol 13

Phew! What a week! Even though I know I spent most of it sitting down, I find myself very happy to be at the beginning of a new one! Heres to hoping that the bruise on my knee starts to fade and I get a bit more movement back in it! Oh how I miss walking!

I’ve been finding that being stuck at home with limited mobility could lead me to being very negative about the world. Its a lot more difficult to be positive about the world when your participation in it feels limited. However, I’ve been trying to make a conscience effort to be positive and without further ado, my 7 good things this week are….

1. The swelling on my knee has gone down a lot in comparison to last weekend.

2. James cleaned and tided the whole house yesterday so it was nice for me during the week!

3.I finally started using my new watercolour pencils. So much fun! Results later in the week…

4. I’ve had so many kind cards from family, friends and work colleagues, I’ve been feeling quite loved!

5. James got the old school computer game Theme Hospital to work on my mac. Does anyone else remember it? Its epic!

6. This song. Isn’t her voice amazing!

7. Beautiful flowers given to me by my family and friends… being sick apparently has some advantages!

Happy Monday

Lindy xxx


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