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Temporary Hiatus

Ahh my friends, apologies for my absence! I have gone back to work this week and have just been so tired. I hope to be back next week when normal service shall resume. So until then… stay safe and be happy!

Lindy xxxx


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The Book of Love

The original song is by The Magnetic Field I believe and this artist is Nataly Dawn. I can’t get over how beautiful this is.

Lindy xxx

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Isaac Asimov

(yes I know the frame isn't really large enough!)

This is what I’ve been playing about with for the last couple of days. Its my second attempt at stitching lettering, so I’m pretty pleased with it. I wrote the quote freehand on to the cotton and then used a simple running stitch to go over it.

I think the next time I try to do this I will experiment with using a computer font rather than my hand writing (or just try really hard to make my writing neater) as you can defiantly tell how my writing changes size. I’m also going to experiment with using back stitch or something so that you get a clearer line.

I was inspired to start on this piece because whilst out with my Dad last week I got a collection of some of Isaac Asimov’s short stories and I’ve been reading it over the last few days. It was really good, and I’ve loved this quote for ages, so I though hey- good combo! Unfortunately because I am disorganised in the extreme I cannot currently find this book to finish it. Time for a spring clean I feel!…

Happy Wednesday friends


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7 Good Things Vol 16

The view from my bedroom balcony...

Its a very grey day today, but if you look closely on the tree you can see the start of new buds. This gives me hope that spring is just around the corner.

This week is my last week signed off from work by the doctors. I have an appointment with the physiotherapist  tomorrow, so I’m hoping for the good news that I can go back to work next week. Although I still can’t bend my knee anywhere near normally, I am walking on it more confidently so we will just hope for the best!

There have been plenty of good things to choose from this week so without further ado…

1. My Dad and I went on another outing to the second handbook shop in Felixstowe last week… and they were having a half price sale! So exciting! I got plenty of great steals so watch out for them coming to a Saturday Steals post near you in the future!!

2. My new green/blue nail polish- so pretty!

3. One of my Dads friends has lent me a therapeutic ultrasound machine which is meant to help the swelling and pain in my knee reduce. I’ve used it a couple of times now so we shall see what happens.

4. My aunt and uncle are visiting with my baby cousin this weekend. I’m so excited for their arrival, I haven’t seen them for a couple of months so I’m looking forward to many cuddles with my baby cousin.

5. I woke up this morning, check one of my favourite blogs and realised that I’d won a giveaway which I entered a while back! Such good news to wake up to!

6. My sampler, Mr Octopus and Friends, got featured by the blog Feeling Stitchy in one of their posts! I was so excited and honoured because I’ve been reading and loving that blog for so long now!

7. James and I brought a whole bunch a veggies at the weekend and some hummus and I’ve been dipping away all weekend. Love it! James and I decided to give up buying meat for lent so we’ve been finding lots of great vegetarian recipes to try. (Last night it was bean chilli- scrumptious!) We decided to give up buying meat, rather than eating it because we already had some meat in the house and it would have seem disrespectful to me not to eat that meat and just throw it away. I’m quite enjoying limiting my meat intake, who knows, I might keep this up after lent has finished!

Happy Monday friends

Lindy xxx

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New Page!

I’ve decided to add a new page in along at the top there. I do try to keep a list of the books which I read as a way to keep myself accountable, so I decided to publish out here as well.

Since I’ve been off of work, stuck at home, my reading has increased exponentially! I think I have about three different books on the go at the moment so I expect the rate at which I’m reading to go down once I return to work.

There are so many different form of entertainment to choose from these days when I get home sometimes its easier to just sit on the internet and kinda mindlessly browse rather than engage my mind with a challenging book. Not to say that the internet isn’t endlessly interesting and informative but that its easy to make the choice not to challenge myself. I hope by making my list public, I inspire myself to continue reading more and better books.

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Mr Octopus and friends…

So I’ve been a bit awol recently. Being stuck at home a lot doesn’t really lend its self to doing a whole gamut of interesting and blog worthy things! However, I have been putting my free time to good use (well possibly) and I have created this! little seafaring friends...

I’m quite proud of these little dudes! Its a present for my aunt who had her first son a few months and I’ve been wanting to make him a cute present for ages. The first thing I attempted to make him went wrong, badly wrong so I had the idea for this little sampler.

Mr Octopus is the stitch- along- pattern from the blog Feeling Stitchy for the month of March.  I just saw him and immediately thought- sampler.

Mr Octopus himself...

I’m really pleased with how this little guy turned out, mostly due to the excellent pattern which I used, designed by Corvus Tristis. I used small french knots as an accent on his tentacles as a way to hint towards sucker pads. I didn’t want to over do it though, because I really wanted to do a mostly line drawing inspired piece.

...rainbow alphabet...

Because small children love bright colours and I brought myself a mix pack of thread off of the internet one night, I decided to do the alphabet in a rainbow gradient. The letters I used were adapted from the same pattern from whence Mr Octopus came.

I drew the weed, Miss Starfish and Mr Fish on to the fabric free hand, before  stitching over them. I’m really, really pleased that they came out looking like the things I wanted them too!

...close up on Mr Fish...


So pretty much the next step for this is to iron this and then frame it for my aunt. Sorry about the quality of the photos in this post. Its a really overcast day here and the light is really bad. I don’t think the background has really come out right; its actually a really pretty light blue cotton.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

Lindy xxx

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Today has been a bit of a long one. My leg is hurting quite a bit and I’m feeling really sleepy. Today is obviously a day for sitting down and enjoying my new audio book… review to follow when my head is less full of cotton wool.

...the one constructive thing I managed to do...

Lindy xxx

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