Little Owl

One major advantage of being confined to home is that I’ve had time to catch up on all the projects which my fingers have been itching to do for ages!

Like this little fellow…


I used french knots as a fill stitch for his wings and tail. I had never used this              as a technique before and I’m quite happy with the effect it created. Even if it did          feel like it took forever!









I choose a muted brown palette for this little guy, partly because it goes with the colours in my bedroom, and partly because with all the grey weather we’ve been having here recently I was yearning for something a little warmer.




I think I’m most pleased with the way his eyes turned out though.

I think when I get enough balance back, or alternatively when James gets home I will hang him in the bedroom. It feels like a good place for him to live. I modified a bit this pattern from Badbird’s blog (its about 3/4 of the way down). And now I’ve also found a myriad of other free patterns which my fingers are itching to do!

Happy Tuesday

Lindy xxxx



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2 responses to “Little Owl

  1. i wish i could do cute little things like that. just darling

  2. That’s so cute. I really love the eyes

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