David Eddings

When I woke up this morning I could just tell that today was going to be one of those days. You know the ones, its grey out side, you haven’t slept well because your stupid knee dislocated itself a week ago and pretty much curling up and staying in bed seems like a good idea. Except I can’t curl up because I can’t bend my leg!

But I didn’t, I got up and went straight to my bad day remedy. My go-to books. Does anyone else have these? Mine are David Eddings. These are books I have read so many times over the last 10 years since I first picked them up I can pretty much open any one of them and any point and start reading knowing exactly what has happened and what comes next! I find this oddly comforting. Its a bit like sitting down and having a conversation with an old friend.

I have literally read these books to pieces. I’ve had to replace some of them with new copies when I’ve lost pages. Yet still my love for them goes on!

My Mum introduced me to these when I was about 10, in the summer before I went to high school. They were my first introduction in to the fantasy genre. I remember vividly complaining that I had nothing to read so she sat down with me on my bed and read the prologue of, ‘Pawn of Prophesy’, to me before leaving me to get on with it. I pretty much lived and died by those books that summer, and I don’t think I’ve stopped reading and going back to them since.

Now I’m older I can see the problems with these books. They are certainly not the best or most complex books I have ever read, they don’t stretch my brain or challenge the way in which I view the world. What they do is hold my hand as I read them. They are the old friend which opened the gateway for me in to a whole world of fantasy fiction. The enjoyment I get from these books is not linked to their literary merit but to the depth, breath and meaning which I draw from the story telling. When I was younger I read these books because they told me that good wins in the end, that there is a world outside ready to be explored and that magic exists. They lit a fire in my imagination and a decade later it has yet to go out.

So today, when I was tired and grouchy and I needed comfort, I turned to them. They did not let me down.

Do you have go- to books, what do you read for comfort?

Lindy xxx


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