Saturday Steals Vol 23

Yay! Saturday Steals are back! Once again I am book themed this week. I do believe that my book buying habit might be getting out of control but these were just such good deals! I couldn’t resist. Honest.

Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier

I loved Cold Mountain, so was so excited to get this for the princely sum of, wait for it. £0.01p! So cool huh! I love it when that happens







Break no Bones by Kathy Reichs

I love the TV series Bones and have read a few of these novels before. I guess the thing that sticks out for me most about these books is that I feel you can tell they were written by a scientist. They’re very precise, not necessarily in a bad way, but I can defiantly tell. But for the grand total of £2, how could I turn it down? I actually picked this one up only yesterday whilst out with my Dad, and I think he paid for it. So this was like, technically, free! Even more of a steal!




Sense and Sensibility and Emma by Jane Austen

These two I picked up whist food shopping a few weeks ago. And yes I was attracted by the cool paper cut covers, but who can blame me? They’re just so pretty! And lets face it, I just can’t turn down a good deal. These babies were £2 each, but with my staff discount off of them I got them for £1.80.

How can I say no to these deals I ask you?!


I hope everyone is having a great weekend. The weather is grey and dreary here, and I’m pretty much limited to home, so I think I will watch James paint the bathroom, whilst I experiment with a cool idea for an embroidery I had. Oh and I might have to persuade Jim to go food shopping. You know its bad when you’ve run out of both milk and bread and thus have nothing for breakfast!

See you all next week.

Lindy xxx



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4 responses to “Saturday Steals Vol 23

  1. Those Austen covers are absolutely gorgeous! I can never say no to a new book either. Oh, and getting up to discover I’ve run out of milk is the worst thing in the world.

  2. Fantastic deals!!! I’m in love with the Austen covers too! ♥

  3. Those covers are gorgeous! I’m a big fan of Bones but I’ve never read the books. I may have to give them a shot.

  4. Jane Austen covers = beautiful. Thanks for another lovely steal!

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