7 Good Things Vol 15

Hi there! I took a few days off at the end of last week. Just to chill out a bit really and spend some time with James. That and I didn’t really do anything interesting! Played a bit of Super Mario Galaxy, watched a film with Jim and ate far too many of the delicious chocolate brownies he made!

Hopefully at some point this week I will have got my latest embroidery project to the point where I’m happy to share it- very excited!

I like writing these good things every week. I originally started them as a way to make myself focus on the good instead of the bad and it is defiantly helping me to be more positive.

1. A really good weekend- James cooked epically good food and I finished 3 domes on Mario Galaxy (its the little things!)

2. For the first time in I don’t know how long I wrote a piece of fiction. Its not very good. But still, just writing fiction again is a big thing for me!

3.I am slowly but surely getting some bend back in to my knee without pain. This is an excellent development.

4. My Dad put up our new bathroom light this weekend, I’m very disproportionately excited and please by this.

5. This song. I must of listened to it 100’s of time this week

6. This art. I am so amazed by this artist, his talent is phenomenal.

7. Having the chance to catch up with old friends.

Sorry this is a little late this week, I got distracted by the real world- I know, how dare it, so rude!

Lindy xxx


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One response to “7 Good Things Vol 15

  1. Well, it seems you had a great weekend!!
    Games, yummy food… Sounds wonderful!
    Love this post! it’s always good to step back and think about the good things in life. 🙂
    Have a good week!

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