Mr Octopus and friends…

So I’ve been a bit awol recently. Being stuck at home a lot doesn’t really lend its self to doing a whole gamut of interesting and blog worthy things! However, I have been putting my free time to good use (well possibly) and I have created this! little seafaring friends...

I’m quite proud of these little dudes! Its a present for my aunt who had her first son a few months and I’ve been wanting to make him a cute present for ages. The first thing I attempted to make him went wrong, badly wrong so I had the idea for this little sampler.

Mr Octopus is the stitch- along- pattern from the blog Feeling Stitchy for the month of March.  I just saw him and immediately thought- sampler.

Mr Octopus himself...

I’m really pleased with how this little guy turned out, mostly due to the excellent pattern which I used, designed by Corvus Tristis. I used small french knots as an accent on his tentacles as a way to hint towards sucker pads. I didn’t want to over do it though, because I really wanted to do a mostly line drawing inspired piece.

...rainbow alphabet...

Because small children love bright colours and I brought myself a mix pack of thread off of the internet one night, I decided to do the alphabet in a rainbow gradient. The letters I used were adapted from the same pattern from whence Mr Octopus came.

I drew the weed, Miss Starfish and Mr Fish on to the fabric free hand, before  stitching over them. I’m really, really pleased that they came out looking like the things I wanted them too!

...close up on Mr Fish...


So pretty much the next step for this is to iron this and then frame it for my aunt. Sorry about the quality of the photos in this post. Its a really overcast day here and the light is really bad. I don’t think the background has really come out right; its actually a really pretty light blue cotton.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

Lindy xxx


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One response to “Mr Octopus and friends…

  1. I just love it!!
    It’s so cute! So colourful!! It’s perfect!
    You’re an artist!!

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