7 Good Things Vol 16

The view from my bedroom balcony...

Its a very grey day today, but if you look closely on the tree you can see the start of new buds. This gives me hope that spring is just around the corner.

This week is my last week signed off from work by the doctors. I have an appointment with the physiotherapist  tomorrow, so I’m hoping for the good news that I can go back to work next week. Although I still can’t bend my knee anywhere near normally, I am walking on it more confidently so we will just hope for the best!

There have been plenty of good things to choose from this week so without further ado…

1. My Dad and I went on another outing to the second handbook shop in Felixstowe last week… and they were having a half price sale! So exciting! I got plenty of great steals so watch out for them coming to a Saturday Steals post near you in the future!!

2. My new green/blue nail polish- so pretty!

3. One of my Dads friends has lent me a therapeutic ultrasound machine which is meant to help the swelling and pain in my knee reduce. I’ve used it a couple of times now so we shall see what happens.

4. My aunt and uncle are visiting with my baby cousin this weekend. I’m so excited for their arrival, I haven’t seen them for a couple of months so I’m looking forward to many cuddles with my baby cousin.

5. I woke up this morning, check one of my favourite blogs and realised that I’d won a giveaway which I entered a while back! Such good news to wake up to!

6. My sampler, Mr Octopus and Friends, got featured by the blog Feeling Stitchy in one of their posts! I was so excited and honoured because I’ve been reading and loving that blog for so long now!

7. James and I brought a whole bunch a veggies at the weekend and some hummus and I’ve been dipping away all weekend. Love it! James and I decided to give up buying meat for lent so we’ve been finding lots of great vegetarian recipes to try. (Last night it was bean chilli- scrumptious!) We decided to give up buying meat, rather than eating it because we already had some meat in the house and it would have seem disrespectful to me not to eat that meat and just throw it away. I’m quite enjoying limiting my meat intake, who knows, I might keep this up after lent has finished!

Happy Monday friends

Lindy xxx


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One response to “7 Good Things Vol 16

  1. Looks like your Monday is being a good day!!
    Glad for you!!
    Hope your knee gets better soon!

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