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“Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could.”
— Louise Erdrich, The Painted Drum

I found this at lunch today and its stayed with me all day.

Lindy xxx


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7 Good Things Vol 20

mmm... this was dinner tonight and it was sooo good

Yep, once again I am late this week. Blame it on the fact I had to work yesterday, on a bank holiday no less, and thus ran out of time!

1. I brough a new dress at the weekend, James persuaded me to get it and I love it!

2. Its still nice and sunny here, this is the longest spell of good weather I can remember for ages.

3. My knee is feeling an awful lot better at the moment, I actually made it to the gym this week and it felt good!

4. Easter chocolate- need I say more!

5. For once my study is tidy! I love sitting in there so much but never seem able to keep it tidy, but once it is all neat, I love it so much more. Maybe I should learn a lesson here…

6. Picnics on the beach… so perfect.

7. I’ve got a night on my own today, so cups of tea, egg drop soup and Sims 3 is in the plan!

Have an excellent week my friends

Lindy xxx


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The Beach

...beach huts...


...beach huts (again)...

...there are so few photos of us...

…today was a good day… cinnamon rolls and coffee in bed… picnic on the beach with James and Dad… beautiful sunshine… starting an old favourite book again… mastering a flute scale I haven’t practiced in ages…

I almost don’t mind having to go to work this evening. I said almost!

Lindy xxx

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7 Good Things Vol 19

Yes, I'm back taking pictures of the sunrise... why do you ask!?

Okay, so I accept that it is now Tuesday and some how Monday passed me by. I blaming it on general tiredness and two things which have happened to me in the last week.

First, while I was at work on Sunday and really big guy ran straight in to me at full tilt and knocked my knee cap again, oh did I scream! I’m alright now, just a little slower walking than I was, but boy was I pissed!

Secondly I have these shoes. Now they are possibly the ugliest shoes in existence but looks was not why I brought them. If I want looks I have lots of pairs of pretty but murderous to my feet shoes. No these were brought for comfort and comfort only. I have a bit of a trek to work in the morning, and sometimes all I want is comfort. Fashion be damned I’m tired. So I was pretty tired, turned to my old trusty shoes and what do I find, they gave me two painful blisters, one on the back of each heel before I even made it to my office. I feel betrayed by my own wardrobe.

So they are my excuses for forgetting the day, so on to happier things. 7 Good Things in fact!

1. Some of our friends came round on Sunday evening and we had an epic night playing boardgames and drinking. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.
2. The weather has been great recently, nice and sunny but not so hot you want to curse everything and everyone.
3. I finally got round to looking for new glasses, since mine are the wrong prescription and have been since before I did my knee, and found out that because of my contact lens deal I could get them for half price- win!
4. See point 2, it is now sunny when I leave my house in the morning and light when I get home at night. This is a big deal for me because I spent the last 6 months not seeing my house in daylight, and that’s more than a little depressing!
5. I’ve read some really great books recently and I have a whole stack waiting patiently for me- a great situation to be in!
6. Sometimes you know when you just really need to hear things and the world obliges and hits you over the head with it? My Notes from the Universe have been like that this week.
7. See points 2 and 4 the train journey to and from work is now a beautiful vista over green fields with animals gently grazing; rather than a trawl through a muddy frozen landscape that made me feel as if spring would never come. It amazing what being slightly closer to the sun can do to my mood!

How have your weeks been my friends?

Lindy xxx

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Book Review- China Mieville “Kraken”

Kraken- China Mieville

Okay, get ready for some serious gushing because I loved this book. There I gave it away in the first line of this review, but seriously, it was so good! Once I got in to the world which had been created, it just kept on drawing me down even further. This was one of those books where I actually sat and hoped my train would be late to give myself some more reading time!

The basic premise is that Billy Harrow, a curator at a London museum, accidentally ends up in the middle of a supernatural conflict with the adherents of the squid God (Kraken) and is slowly drawn in to the magical underbelly of London. And whilst I suck at writing snappy summaries of books, I don’t think that gives too much away about story as a whole! I don’t want to ruin this book for anyone, the twists which the author plants are just to clever to spoil!

I actually started this book at the beginning of the year, read about ten chapters of it and then got distracted by reading other things. Major mistake. Although it takes a good few chapters to get in to the nitty gritty swing of the story, once it does get there it doesn’t let you go. The layers of narrative in this book astound me and the complexity of the end game kept me guess right up until the final few pages.

I think the best thing way I can come up with to describe this book is that it is incredibly densely and richly imagined. The characters are well drawn, but they aren’t fully described to the reader which leaves plenty of scope for the reader to imagine other aspects of their lives and drawn their own conclusions. There is so much going on in this book that it doesn’t feel like any of the chapters are there simply to make up words. Everything has a point, a reason, and as far as I can tell it’s all relevant to the final conclusion.

The other aspect of this book which I really loved was the density and cleverness of the language used. This isn’t a book which talks down to it’s reader. It expects you to keep up, to read every word and to engage with the linguistic world which has been created. I tend to read quite fast, and on a few occasions I found myself having to go back and re- read a section just to be sure I got it all! Within the authors writing style as a whole each character has a very distinctive voice and they are all clearly delineated. I love this in a book because nothing annoys me more in a novel than when all the characters sound the same.

I have never read any of China Mieville’s other works and I hadn’t even heard of him before I picked this up on a whim in January but I will defiantly be seeking out some of his other works now, indeed possibly his whole back catalogue. I think this book will be a lesson to me in not giving up on something in the first few chapters, because if I had never gone back to this book I would have been all the poorer without it.

All in all a really fantastic read. I would defiantly recommend this book and I think I will go and exhort a few of my family members to read it also!

Happy Thursday

Lindy xxxx

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My Day in Pictures

This is about 630am. I was trying to have breakfast and got distracted by the prettiness.

The view from the train on the way to work.

Now we all have to imagine me sitting in my office at a computer from the hours of 8:00- 1:00. This was not interesting so I took no photos. That and you know- data protection and all!

I went exploring at lunch and found a park down this little lane!

I loved this tree... thank you hidden park!

Then I had to go back to my office and sit at my desk again. Once more we skip the hours between 2:00 and 5:15.

I took this whilst waiting for the train.

Now I'm on the train home. It very helpfully slowed down for me to take a nice shot!

Then James made me toad in the hole for dinner which was so good that I snaffled it all before taking a photo!

Then I took this photo of the sunset.

Now I’m going to go swimming, and no power in the ‘verse could convince me to show you a picture of me in a swimsuit!!!

Hope your all having a fantastic Tuesday.

Lindy xxxx

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7 Good Things Vol 18

I should have taken this picture at any point in the last two days when it was actually sunny!

Why hello! We’ve been enjoying a uncommonly good run of weather this weekend and I’m pretty sure the country is something like 60% happier as a result!

1. I’m participating in an Easter candy swap run by Erin at My Beautiful Disaster. (This is where two bloggers exchange Easter candy (self explanatory title I guess!)) I’m so excited for this, I’m sending mine to Australia so I had to find lots of candy that I thought could make the trip safely! I posted it today so lets hope it makes it in one piece!!

2. James brought me daffodils last week as a present. I love spring flowers brightening up our living room!

3. The sunshine. I wore a summer dress for the first time this weekend… happy!

4. I spent Sunday afternoon sitting in the hammock on my balcony reading my book. Pretty much perfection in my eyes.

5. Jo Whiley has a new radio show on Radio 2 in the evenings and it is epic. I love her as a DJ and always enjoy the music she seems to play. Plus she started her new show by playing The White Stripe who were my teenage obsession so I think I was destined to love it. I think this is the first time in a long time I have gone out of my way to listen to a radio show.

6. Chilli burgers! I had never had one before and now I am a convert! Delish!

7. I picked up Kraken by China Mieville again this morning. I started reading it at the beginning of the year and for some reason, got distracted and never finished it. I’ve now got in to the real heart of the book and its a wrench to put it down! I love it when a novel does that to me.

I hope you are all having a fantastic week my friends!

Lindy xxxx

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