7 Good Things Vol 17

Hello Internet! Despite the fact that this day has reneged on its early sunny promise to me and descended in to the pits of greyness this has still been a good day!

1. I’ve gone back to work. This means my knee is getting better. But on the flip side I am tired again. Its a toss up!
2. I’ve been playing the Sims again and I’ve managed to create a multi generational family without my game packing up on me! If you knew the problems I had with my game you would understand my joy!
3. I finished the really excellent book ‘Six Questions of Socrates’ by Christopher Phillips. I highly recommend.
4. I tided my kitchen and possibly created good rice pudding. It is still in the oven so the jury is out, but it is looking hopeful!
5. James brought me a very sweet present when I went back to work!
6. I found out that Doctor Who is coming back at Easter. My love for this program and Matt Smith know no bounds (oh David Tennant I though no one could ever replace you… but yeah ahhhem). So I’m very excited.

...no post is complete without a picture this good!...


7.I had a very nice lunch with my Dad today and I’m going out with my friends this evening. Pretty snazzy.


So I know I’ve been away, so what has been happening that is good in your lives recently my friends?

Happy Monday

Lindy xxx


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One response to “7 Good Things Vol 17

  1. Many things!
    A company has chosen me to review a product and giveaway some of their items to my readers.
    I’m loving working on my garden and making it look more like a garden (instead of a jungle).
    I love the Sims!! It’s been a long time since last time I played though…

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