7 Good Things Vol 18

I should have taken this picture at any point in the last two days when it was actually sunny!

Why hello! We’ve been enjoying a uncommonly good run of weather this weekend and I’m pretty sure the country is something like 60% happier as a result!

1. I’m participating in an Easter candy swap run by Erin at My Beautiful Disaster. (This is where two bloggers exchange Easter candy (self explanatory title I guess!)) I’m so excited for this, I’m sending mine to Australia so I had to find lots of candy that I thought could make the trip safely! I posted it today so lets hope it makes it in one piece!!

2. James brought me daffodils last week as a present. I love spring flowers brightening up our living room!

3. The sunshine. I wore a summer dress for the first time this weekend… happy!

4. I spent Sunday afternoon sitting in the hammock on my balcony reading my book. Pretty much perfection in my eyes.

5. Jo Whiley has a new radio show on Radio 2 in the evenings and it is epic. I love her as a DJ and always enjoy the music she seems to play. Plus she started her new show by playing The White Stripe who were my teenage obsession so I think I was destined to love it. I think this is the first time in a long time I have gone out of my way to listen to a radio show.

6. Chilli burgers! I had never had one before and now I am a convert! Delish!

7. I picked up Kraken by China Mieville again this morning. I started reading it at the beginning of the year and for some reason, got distracted and never finished it. I’ve now got in to the real heart of the book and its a wrench to put it down! I love it when a novel does that to me.

I hope you are all having a fantastic week my friends!

Lindy xxxx


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One response to “7 Good Things Vol 18

  1. Reading+hammock = heaven!!
    And summer dress… YAY!

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