My Day in Pictures

This is about 630am. I was trying to have breakfast and got distracted by the prettiness.

The view from the train on the way to work.

Now we all have to imagine me sitting in my office at a computer from the hours of 8:00- 1:00. This was not interesting so I took no photos. That and you know- data protection and all!

I went exploring at lunch and found a park down this little lane!

I loved this tree... thank you hidden park!

Then I had to go back to my office and sit at my desk again. Once more we skip the hours between 2:00 and 5:15.

I took this whilst waiting for the train.

Now I'm on the train home. It very helpfully slowed down for me to take a nice shot!

Then James made me toad in the hole for dinner which was so good that I snaffled it all before taking a photo!

Then I took this photo of the sunset.

Now I’m going to go swimming, and no power in the ‘verse could convince me to show you a picture of me in a swimsuit!!!

Hope your all having a fantastic Tuesday.

Lindy xxxx


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One response to “My Day in Pictures

  1. You probably cannot comprehend how so so excited I am to see all those places (or maybe some of them at any rate) in real life!

    Especially places like that beautiful wee alley.

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