7 Good Things Vol 19

Yes, I'm back taking pictures of the sunrise... why do you ask!?

Okay, so I accept that it is now Tuesday and some how Monday passed me by. I blaming it on general tiredness and two things which have happened to me in the last week.

First, while I was at work on Sunday and really big guy ran straight in to me at full tilt and knocked my knee cap again, oh did I scream! I’m alright now, just a little slower walking than I was, but boy was I pissed!

Secondly I have these shoes. Now they are possibly the ugliest shoes in existence but looks was not why I brought them. If I want looks I have lots of pairs of pretty but murderous to my feet shoes. No these were brought for comfort and comfort only. I have a bit of a trek to work in the morning, and sometimes all I want is comfort. Fashion be damned I’m tired. So I was pretty tired, turned to my old trusty shoes and what do I find, they gave me two painful blisters, one on the back of each heel before I even made it to my office. I feel betrayed by my own wardrobe.

So they are my excuses for forgetting the day, so on to happier things. 7 Good Things in fact!

1. Some of our friends came round on Sunday evening and we had an epic night playing boardgames and drinking. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.
2. The weather has been great recently, nice and sunny but not so hot you want to curse everything and everyone.
3. I finally got round to looking for new glasses, since mine are the wrong prescription and have been since before I did my knee, and found out that because of my contact lens deal I could get them for half price- win!
4. See point 2, it is now sunny when I leave my house in the morning and light when I get home at night. This is a big deal for me because I spent the last 6 months not seeing my house in daylight, and that’s more than a little depressing!
5. I’ve read some really great books recently and I have a whole stack waiting patiently for me- a great situation to be in!
6. Sometimes you know when you just really need to hear things and the world obliges and hits you over the head with it? My Notes from the Universe have been like that this week.
7. See points 2 and 4 the train journey to and from work is now a beautiful vista over green fields with animals gently grazing; rather than a trawl through a muddy frozen landscape that made me feel as if spring would never come. It amazing what being slightly closer to the sun can do to my mood!

How have your weeks been my friends?

Lindy xxx


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One response to “7 Good Things Vol 19

  1. Glad of all these good things, friend!
    Although I’m sorry about your knee and your feet!!
    My weeks have been good too!!
    Today my husband starts his Holy Week vacations!! YAY!

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