7 Good Things Vol 20

mmm... this was dinner tonight and it was sooo good

Yep, once again I am late this week. Blame it on the fact I had to work yesterday, on a bank holiday no less, and thus ran out of time!

1. I brough a new dress at the weekend, James persuaded me to get it and I love it!

2. Its still nice and sunny here, this is the longest spell of good weather I can remember for ages.

3. My knee is feeling an awful lot better at the moment, I actually made it to the gym this week and it felt good!

4. Easter chocolate- need I say more!

5. For once my study is tidy! I love sitting in there so much but never seem able to keep it tidy, but once it is all neat, I love it so much more. Maybe I should learn a lesson here…

6. Picnics on the beach… so perfect.

7. I’ve got a night on my own today, so cups of tea, egg drop soup and Sims 3 is in the plan!

Have an excellent week my friends

Lindy xxx



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2 responses to “7 Good Things Vol 20

  1. Lindy!!!! OMG! You totally spoiled us. Feeling a bit bad about the size of the package I sent compared to yours, you naughty girl! We will have to make up for it. Hope you had a lovely Easter hol. Lots of love,
    Tone, Div and Frank xo

  2. SIMS!!!
    My brother gave me the Sims Medieval!! I hope I have some free time this weekend and play a little bit!

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