On a day like today…

This picture has no relevance, but is the pot plant currently on my table!

I woke up this morning and the sun was like… I’m so sunny bask in my warmth. I got outside this morning and the wind was like ha ha ha you did not factor me in sucker. Then the time was like, you can’t go back and change… you’ll miss the train. So I was cold.

When I got off the train this evening on my way home on my usual commute I was so preoccupied and not paying attention to the world around me it took me a full half a platform to realise that I was not on Platform 1 as usual, but I was actually on Platform 4. The other side of the station. Epic Fail.

We will try again tomorrow friends!

Lindy xxx



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3 responses to “On a day like today…

  1. Awwww! I’m so sorry! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  2. Oh you poor bugger! It was windy as hell here today too. Thanks for the comment on Div’s pix too, I accidentally deleted it instead of publishing, so it’s not there, but thanks a mill xo

  3. Oh dear! Just one of those days huh?
    I keep forgetting it’s only May and it’s not really summer yet. The wind can be cold!

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