7 Good Things Vol 23

found this today and fell in love...

Orignal Source through Somethings Hiding in Here, found through Todays Letters.

I had a weekend off this weekend, and I have another one at the end of this week! Is this what it feels like not to work 13/14 days? If it is, I like it. I can see why this has become so popular with the rest of the adult population! I’m a bit late today because I had a mega hectic day, after work I had to go to my physiotherapist, then to James’ parents for dinner. All lovely things to do but some how its now 21:30 and I still haven’t published this! I’ve been writing it since this morning!

1. Did I mention that I had a weekend off and then another one at the end of this week?! The to top it all off I also have next week off completely! My my I’m giddy with the thought of all this time off!

2. James and I have planned a trip to London in my week off and I’m really looking forward to it. Its been too long since we’ve been on a day trip!

3. I’ve realised how much I like taking the train to work. I had to drive all of last week and I lost pretty much all of my reading time and got far less done. So whilst I might complain about getting out of bed earlier, there are some major benefits.

4. Doctor Who and Neil Gaiman combo?! Enough said!

5. Did I mention that I got to spend my entire weekend relaxing in my house with Jim? It was heaven!

6. The Eurovision Song Contest… no wait hear me out! One, this amuses me endlessly (a love which I have a really good history teacher at high school to thank for!) No I’m not kidding he had us all voting at the end of lessons and made us listen to each years entries. Its nice to know that the state really wanted me to learn at school, but I digress. Two, I think it shows something spectacular about Europe as a concept. This years winners? Azerbaijan. Now your not going to convince me that this country is actually in Europe but what do we say? What… wait, you want to sing a camp song and dance around the stage and then submit yourself to an elongated voting contest? Please join us. Come in. Have some fun. And despite the fact Eurovision is frequently dominated by political voting, we then say you know what, that was a good song and here, you deserve to win. I love that Europe as an entity can be so welcoming and so open. And that I think is the best thing about the Eurovision Song contest (pyrotechnics and spandex aside!)

7. I’ve got a short day at work today- only 6 hours, so my week is definatly off to a good start!

I hope everone else is having a fantastic start to  their week. Let me know in comments what is making you happy today!

Lindy xxx


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One response to “7 Good Things Vol 23

  1. WOW!
    You’re a lucky girl!!
    My MIL LOVES Eurovision. But I can’t stand it. It’s boring for me haha
    Spain never wins hahaha

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