7 Good Things Vol 24

I’m early today! Could it be because I’m on holiday from work? Or could it be because I’m off to spend the day adventuring around London with Jim and thought I should indulge in this thing called organisation and get this up this morning? Weird for me, I know! I’m having a pretty fab time at the moment so these are easy to come up with…

1. My second weekend off in a row! I’m feeling so relaxed at the moment and I still have a whole ‘nother week off work to go. How amazing is that?!

2. I found some amazing blogs recently that really help to lift my spirits as I read them on my way to work. Have a gander here, here and here.

3. Its been so nice to be able to spend some extra time with Jim recently, I can’t waiting until this becomes a more regular occurrence.

4. This version of possibly my favourite song. I don’t know why I like this song so much, but it just tugs at me. I could (and do) just listen to it over and over again! Such a heartfelt deliverance of the lyrics from the singer- perfect!

5. I made this salad for dinner last night it was just what I fancied. (Pea shoots, radish, bean sprouts, grated carrot, kale chips and parma ham dressed with balsamic vinegar… yum!)

yes I know my camera is out of focus, and no I don't know how to fix it!

6. I dyed my hair very dark brown a few weeks ago and the colour has faded out to a really lovely shade- I think I might keep it like this for a while!

7. I treated myself to a ‘Princessa’ chocolate bar yesterday. The only other place I’ve ever found these is all over the place in Eastern Europe. When I went as a teenage, I pretty much existed on them for two weeks and I’m so happy I’ve found them close by. They’re layers of wafers with hazelnut cream inside covered with chocolate, and they are just divine!  You can’t really get them in the UK normally, so I’m pretty glad that my corner shop stocks all sorts of random European brands!

I hope you have had a fantastic week my friends!

Lindy xxx


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