Healthy Banana Bread

So yesterday I was tidying my kitchen and my living room (I know your fainting in amazement already) and I found that I had 3 rather mushy bananas that were most defiantly headed for the bin. I’m weird I only like bananas when they’re really yellow, and since I haven’t been at work this week I’ve not been having my daily banana snack break! Sometimes I realise that i’m such a creature of habit it astounds me!

So I thought I know, I’ll make some banana bread. My Mum used to do an epic banana bread when I was a kid that I could just inhale in an afternoon and I developed a lifelong hankering for the stuff. Now I don’t have my Mums original recipe and I’m trying to eat a bit healthier than usual at the moment so I decided to try and make a sugarless version. Considering that I live in the internet era and generally view google and being the oracle of all knowledge I googled it and came up with this recipe from the BBC Good Food Website. Fab I thought, its sugarless, vegan and looks pretty tasty. Then I looked at my food cupboards and discovered that I didn’t really have what the recipe called for, so I made it up and it turned out pretty good if I say so myself!

I was so pleased with the way this turned out!

Healthy Banana Bread

3 mashed bananas (yep me and the recipe agree so far…)

50g of chopped nuts (I used pine nuts and sunflower seeds because it was all I had, but I think walnuts would be scrummy)

150g sultanas (the original wanted raisins but I prefer sultanas so it was all I had in the house!)

75g oats (because I am a food philistine all I had was ready to make porridge so I used this, but if your going to be fancy, please follow the original and use rolled oats!)

150g of wholemeal flour (the recipe said wholewheat- I don’t know what the difference is!)

2 eggs (I un-veganised this recipe because I didn’t have any oil but i’m defiantly going to try it with oil instead next time)

1 teaspoon of baking powder (the recipe didn’t list this but the comments all suggested that it didn’t rise at all so I added some!)

1. Mix together the above ingredients in a big bowl…

2. Spoon in to a greased loaf tim (it should be moist but not sloppy)

3. Bake for 50-60 mins at 200 .c until a knife comes out clean

4. Eat. Then eat some more.

If your me, enjoy with large quantities of iced coffee!

I felt so kitchen competent making this because James actually like it instead of just me. (Normally its only me who can stand my attempts at cooking!) Anyway, if you do try this please let me know in comments how it turns out. I’m always curious about what other people  think things taste like, not just me and Jim!

Happy baking!

Lindy xxx



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3 responses to “Healthy Banana Bread

    Thanks for sharing this recipe!!!

  2. Hi. Yes your Mother did make a mean Banana bread, I can’t remember for sure, but I think she used page 394 in the Good House Keeping book ( the recipe not the page) the book lives on top of her chilly box! Or even my copy which is on the tummy dream book shelf. She did leave me the loaf tin!!!!!!!!!!!Dad xx

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