7 Good Things Vol 25

the shelves that Jim built

Yesterday was a bank holiday, so technically, I’m not late with this one! Thats my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

1. I just had a week off! It was glorious!

2. Outnumbered… I had forgotten how funny this show is and was pleasantly surprised to re discover it this weekend!

3. James is having a massive clear out of our house at the moment and I am ever so grateful to him for doing this!

4. During this big tidy out, James has created me a shelf on which to put my shoes, make-up, jewellery and generally stuff. I love that man! See above picture, its currently very neat!

5. Old vlogbrothers videos… they are just so addictive, just randomly clicking through old videos is endlessly entertaining to me!

6. Whilst writing this James went out and brought me ice-cream, just because. Reason 3007 why living with a boy is good!

7. My aunt, uncle and small cousin are coming to visit this weekend, and I am very excited! I haven’t seen them in ages and it will be so much fun!

I hope everyone else had a fantastic bank holiday weekend. How did you spend yours? I was at work for most of it, but I did spend Monday just chilling out. Oh and James and I brought a house plant (the height of excitement I know!)

Lindy xxx


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