7 Good Things Vol 26

I thought this tree died over winter and thus didn't water it for months... but apparently not even I can kill it!

Omg! I have now officially been writing these for half a year, isn’t that insane?! When I started these I never imagined that I would keep it up for an entire half a year. I’m good at starting things but just not so good at keeping them going! In honour of this I’m going to have a give away later in the week… stay tuned!!

1. Doctor Who… It was just so epic this week, I loved it with all my heart. It just made me so insanely happy, I urge you to go watch it and bask in it’s joy!

2. I’m reading this book by Gene Wolffe at the moment, it’s been sitting on my book shelf for years and I have never picked it up before, but its so good! It’s slightly weird, I can quite work out what’s going on all the time and I’m loving it.

3. There was a power outage at work this morning so I’m writing this on my iPad at my desk because we don’t have a system. It’s the little bonus’ in life!

4. Did I mention how amazing Doctor Who was?

5. Youtube has been giving me a lot to think about this week… I like it when that happens (Its the 3rd video down on the right I couldn’t get it to link directly for some reason!)

6.  James made me the most amazing Sandwich for work today. It was a ‘hoagie’… I had never had one before and I am defiantly a convert!

7. I’m going swimming this evening and I’m really looking forward to it. Is it weird to get excited about exercise?!

Hope your having a fantastic week…

Lindy xxx


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One response to “7 Good Things Vol 26

  1. The tree needs water. signed tree friend.
    PS as heard on the radio– If you think education is expencive try ignorance. (a bumper sticker in the USA)

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