Reading Round Up May

I really didn’t get that much reading done last month. I think its because I had to drive to work quite a lot and thus lost my main reading time, but never mind. I’m off to a good start this month so I hope I manage to improve my reading rate!

So, first up The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle. Amazingly enough I had never read a Sherlock Holmes book before… I know, weird right? Don’t they just strike you as one of those kind of books that some how you should of read? You know, in school ore something? Unfortunately that places too much faith in our secondary school system, whereas I am now a pupil in the school of life! And in this school I can read what ever I like regardless of the set texts so a-Sherlock-Holmsing I go!

I really enjoyed this book (can you tell!?). I think what surprised me most was that it was written from the perspective of Watson; I had always assumed that the novels were written from the view point of Sherlock, but they are not. And when you think about it this makes sense, Sherlock is too much of a genius to be a narrator which the reader can connect and empathise with. Watson on the other hand is the perfect conduit through which the reader can really experience the madness that is the world of Holmes. I will be definitely be reading more Sherlock novels in the future (word to the wise they are free to download in iPads/ Kindles etc…) and shall be impatiently waiting for the BBC adaptation to return in the Autumn.

Next we have King James by Antonia Fraser. This is a totally different type of book, its basically a biographical essay about the life of King James. Despite the fact I have a History degree which to some extent specialized in this period I never really studied King James in that much depth. This made interesting  reading for me, filling in some of the gaps in my knowledge with out being to taxing on my poor brain.

Then I read Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. Considering I’ve quite few Agatha Christie books in my time I was shocked to realise that I had not read this one- arguably her most famous! Considering how disappointing my last experience was with a Christie novel, this was one particularly good. I couldn’t guess ‘whodunnit’ at the end and the breath of characters which she introduced was staggering. All in all a really enjoyable read.

And finally the last book I read last month was ‘Why Men don’t have a Clue and Woman always need more Shoes’ by Allan and Barbara Pease. I picked this up on a total whim, James cleared some of his stuff out of his parents houses at the end of last month and I think this book was originally his Mum’s. Its kind of a pseudo- psychological analysis of the way in which men and women interact. Not something I would usually read but it was actually quite an enjoyable distraction. Whilst I don’t tend to like generalisations about people, there are some points in the book where I would catch myself thinking oh wow I do that or that sounds like Jim. It was quite weird. All in all don’t expect a deep analysis of relationships, but for some light amusement, it was pretty distracting!

So there it is, I didn’t manage to read nearly enough last month so I am being more purposeful this month in making sure that I choose to read rather than choose to say sit on the net of goggle at the TV or something. Not that those are inherently bad activities or anything, just that for me personally, reading gives me greater joy!

What was your best read last month?

Lindy xxx


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