As you will have probably noticed I have become pretty bad with keeping up with a posting schedule around these parts; there has been a a few reasons for this none of them particuarily interesting; work, work and life in general really! The usual culprits!

However I have felt a burst of insipration recently and I have decided to get myself back in to some sort of schedule. Due to the fact I work 2 jobs and have to commute I’m going to be aiming for 3 posts a weeks! Not a huge amount but it will be an improvement on what I’ve been managing recently.

So heres the plan… on a Monday I’m going to continue posting 7 good Things, mostly because I find this really helpful in focusing my own mind on the good things in my week which I need to remember to be thankful for.

On a Wednesday I’m going to be sharing some of the art and probably particuarily embroidery inspiration I stumble accross on the net and hopefully some of my own work as well.

Then on a Friday we will have a bookish type post, review or otherwise.

I think setting these things down for myself will hopefully keep me focused and keep me on track, because I love writing and sharing things on this little blog and I would hate to loose this and become overwhelmed with the more boring aspects of every day life!

Anyhoo, I hope to see you all back here on Monday for 7 Good Things! Have a fabulous Sunday my friends.

Lindy xxxx


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