7 Good Things Vol 28

Well hello my friends! What beautiful weather we are having here- it can’t but fail to put me in a good mood!

So without further ado…

1. I know its materialistic and shallow but look at these pretty shoes James convinced me to buy this weekend! I love them so much and I got £10 off!  A pretty sweet deal in my mind!

2. Youtube is making me think again and that can only be a good thing…

3. Did I mention the weather already? I got to spend the day away from the office today, at, well another office, but this time by the seaside. I got a beautiful view of the water all day and it most definitely improved my mood.

4. And on the subject of the weather… Wimbledom! Two weeks a year where I can legitimately watch the TV and hope against hope that there will be a British winner! Yes I know I am slightly delusional… but COME ON MURRAY!

5. I brought this book on Amazon today for the grand total of 8p! (Plus shipping of course!) I’ve read a few other books along these lines Buffy and Philosophy, Everything I ever Learned I Learnt from TV etc… and have always found that they made me think of things from a new perspective, so I am really looking forward to this arriving.

6. James is out tonight to I’m taking the opportunity to make one of my favourite soups (that James can’t stand) Chinese Egg Drop. Yum, yum, yum for dinner!

7. And last but certainly never least the lovely James. I feel so happy when I wake up and see his face, he is defiantly the best thing around these parts!

Have a fantastic start to your week my friends

Lindy xxxx



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2 responses to “7 Good Things Vol 28

  1. ONLY 8p?
    That’s steal!
    Good for you!

  2. Annie

    Hey gorgeous – I am also glued to Wimbledon..am so pleased the Williams sisters are out as it will be a different final for once. I have heard rumblings of Nadal taking steriods which may have implications for him winning, so my money is on a Federer/Murray final.. bring on the Strawberries and Ice cream!!! xxx

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