Epic Embroidery

Well, here goes. I’ve been working on this piece of embroidery on and off for over a year now. Its one of those piece where there is so much I want to do I tend to get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. Life is ironic like that.

Its a piece of fabric from Ikea which James brought for me because he knew I’d love the pattern. I’ve been embroidering over it aiming for a cacophony of colour effect to make a really bright wall hanging.

I’ve been experimenting between keeping the colour life realistic like on this heron…

And being a bit more out there and surreal like with this seed pod and the main branch stem.

Like many an embroiderer before me I was very pleased with myself when I worked out that chain stitch could be made to look like feathers.

I’m really really proud of the way in which these leaves turned out. It was my first time at attempting split stitch and if it didn’t take so ruddy long, I would use it as a fill stitch for everything I love the effect so much!

I would dearly love to finish this so I can hang it in my living room, I’m off this weekend from work so I might have to have an intense session on it!

Have a fantastic Wednesday my friends

Lindy xxx


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One response to “Epic Embroidery

  1. I love it!!
    It’s turning out great!!
    Can’t wait to see the final result!!

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