Why I love Harry Potter

In short because it is one of the most complete and inspiring fictional world ever created. But that would make for a very short post so let me elaborate in full.

I have been reading Harry Potter sine it was first published, my sister brought me the first book as a birthday present because she had seen an interview with J K Rowling on Blue Peter and was detrained that she was going to get it for me. Probably because I didn’t get on very well with my sister as a child I was strangely resistant to reading this novel. It sat on my shelf for ages, unread and unloved. Then for some reason (I can’t remember why) I got sent to my room one evening in trouble. As a slumped down on my bed in true dramatic fashion I saw this book on my shelf and though why not give it a go. Well I was hooked. I read it in a single sitting that night and I vividly remember running down to my parents to enthuse about how good was to them. I think they were so amazed by my passion for this book they even managed to skip the lecture on how it was now one in the morning and I should really be in bed!

Safe to say I was hooked. I have laughed cried and lived these books for the last 14 years. I have queued up at midnight to buy them, and stayed up all night to read them. These books have taught me more about friendship, love and the value of doing what is right regardless of the cost then I would have thought possible from what is ostensibly a children’s book. J K Rowling created characters and a world so engrained into the fabric of our modern conscience that words like muggle are now recognisable parts of the lexicography of the English language. That is a high accolade for any author indeed.

But I won’t tell you to read these books because I love them and they made my life better, I won’t even tell you to read them because millions of people have read them and they are the most popular series of children’s books ever penned. No I will tell you to read them because I know they will make your life better to. You see Harry Potter is not a series of books which you read dispassionately expecting to put them down and be the same person you were before you picked them up. I’m my experience they spark much more than that and awaken the imagination in all of us. The Internet is full of thousands of expressions of this reaction to this phenomenal piece of literature, be fan fiction and fan art  (links through to Mugglenet, one site of many) or charities set up on it’s basis such as the Harry Potter Alliance.  Harry Potter inspires you to want to make the world a better place, to produce art and increase the love in the world.

One of the tag line for the final movie is ‘It all Ends Here’, but I tend to disagree with Warner Brothers on this point. Harry Potter, once it has entered your life tends not to leave it. It is a book so complete and engrossing that I don’t think I will ever stop re-reading them. When I need a pick me up, when I need to be reminded of why I love reading I crack open one of the books and loose myself in J K Rowling’s imagination for a while. I urge you to do the same…



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3 responses to “Why I love Harry Potter

  1. pkg

    I completely agree with you that harry potter is a very complete world in its own and it co-exists with today’s world making it more real. I also think that harry potter books are much more than good story. I have actually learnt a lot from these books

  2. I agree!!
    I love HP!!
    I started reading this saga when I was 12 and now I’m 24 I can’t wait to see the last movie!!!
    Can’t believe Harry Potter has been a part of my life for 12 years!!!

  3. Alice venning

    I agree I love HP been reading it since the first one was out. I was only aged 11 now I’m 23 been growing up with Harry potter most of my life can’t. Believe Harry potter has been a part of my life for 13 years. Love the films and the books

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