Summer Talk

I feel that you and me Summer need to have a little heart to heart. You see I’m usually your biggest fan. Floaty skirts, ice lollies the beach, picnics in the park, long walks and longer days, BBQ’s in Dads garden, evenings in the hammock, the list of your good point can see almost endless…

Then you give me days like this. Grey…

Cold… So cold for the first time in months I was wearing long sleeved shirts…

Rainy. So rainy in fact that when I got home I had to empty the water out of my shoes…

But then summer gave me this…

And we made up.

Happy Monday friends. I hope if you are rained on you have a dry home to go to, a hot shower to get in and an excitable boyfriend to point out the beauty in the world.

Lindy xxx



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2 responses to “Summer Talk

  1. I’ve long given up any hope of having a long hot summer…we just have to make the most of any warm days that come along!

  2. Well, I’m tired of this heat! 100º Every day AND night?!
    I need some rain and cool air, please!
    Fall, come here soon!
    I think I could send some Spanish sun your way and you could send me some British rain, right? haha 😉

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