The Vegan Challenge: Day Three

Well here we are at day three, so far I haven’t really found myself craving anything which is surprising me because I thought I would be dying for some cheese by now (usually a staple of my day!) I would just like to say hi to everyone who is stopping by here because of ‘Freshly Pressed’, thanks so much for all your kind comments and suggestions on what to try when eating vegan. All of your encouragement is very welcome. Thanks so much for your support!

So on to day three…

10 point if you can guess what I had for breakfast…. muesli and a vitamin tablet anyone?! I think I’m going to change things up a bit tomorrow and try soya milk porridge instead just for something a little bit different.

My Dad has grown and given me some fantastic produce from his allotment recently and I’ve been making good use of it in my lunches. Today was a humous, allotment tomatoes and raw spinach pittas which was out of this word divine I must tell you; with cucumber sicks and an allotment apple. Pretty darn good if I say so myself!

Dinner was a bit of a random one but it did highlight to me the difficulties of eating out when on a restricted diet. Today was my boyfriends Mums birthday so we went round there tonight to have nibbles whilst opening presents etc… all very nice and good. Except that because I hadn’t been planning on it I’d neglected to mention that I was eating vegan this week which made nibbles a little bit more of a problem. Thus for dinner I had cucumber and carrot sticks with some home made humous (which was very good indeed) and olives.

I think this evening has highlighted to me the amount of planning which you need to put in, in order to successfully eat a vegan diet when out from the little safety blanket of your own kitchen. I’m more than happy to pander to my own needs when at home but I do struggle with the idea of imposing extra work on other people just to suit me if I happen to be round for food. Its certainly an issue to think about when making extreme changes to the way in which you eat, especially if you are the only one in your group of friends or family making those changes.

I hope you had a fantastic Wednesday my friends. Let me know in comments what you think… are you happy to ask people to cook different food for you? Have you changed your diet when those around you have not?

Lindy xxx



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7 responses to “The Vegan Challenge: Day Three

  1. jessivore

    Hi Lindy, just found you via Freshly Pressed! I mostly eat vegan and can empathize with how difficult it is in social situations – the times that I don’t eat vegan are usually when I am at a function and the closest option is vegetarian food. I don’t like to impose on others so it’s been a learning curve figuring out how to let people know that I don’t eat meat (especially my in-laws – it was a scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding – “I made a vegetarian dish, it has shrimp!”). My husband eats meat and all sorts of things that I don’t, and since we have been together his health has actually improved because I do the cooking at home and he ends up eating vegetarian! Good luck in your vegan challenge, your meals look tasty and balanced! I love that you are eating so many vegetables πŸ™‚

  2. I too hate imposing my personal choices upon people. When I first became a vegetarian, I remember going over to my mother’s house for lunch – having forewarned her about the change – and she presented me with tuna salad! It made me learn that you sometimes have to be VERY explicit with people about what you can and can’t eat. This is fine with friends or family, but I do worry that it appears rude or demanding to people you’re meeting for the first time – especially when you want to make a good impression! I found myself backing down and eating fish on several occasions, and that eventually led me to eating fish on a regular basis, which now makes me pescatarian, not vegetarian. I still don’t eat meat. It was about finding the balance between making the right choices for me, while not alienating those around me. This was important for me because I feel that food is such a central part of your relationships with other people.
    I’m loving reading about your vegan challenge, so glad you got FP or I’d never have stumbled upon yur blog. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 102 comments!

    Hope the vegan weeks continues to go well! I noticed so much difference when I started eating more than 5 fruit and veg a day…but it just takes motivation to prepare them!

  4. I haven’t run into any challenges yet but that’s just because it’s only my 4th day on this diet and I haven’t gone to anyone’s house or out to eat yet, but I can imagine how it will be. I think what I would do is try to make something Vegan and bring it to the party or dinner and that way I can be sure there will be something I can eat and that way others can also taste it so that they can be able to relate a little to what I eat everyday.

    I’m loving this Vegan diet though and I get way more than 5 servings of fruit and veggies each day, I can already see and feel a difference, I’m 2 pounds lighter, my skin is brighter and my hair is SO shiny!

  5. E

    mm… your lunch looks fantastic! There really is nothing quite like homegrown fruit and veg πŸ™‚

    My whole family are big meat-and-cheese eaters, yet they have been so beautifully supportive for my several years of vegetarianism. However, my extended family especially (they’re all from the American Deep South, where vegetarians are a rare and exotic species and vegans practically mythical) has difficulty accommodating veganism. It just isn’t very present in their food culture, and forces them to go far out of their way to cater to my preferences. Thus, I don’t necessarily encourage this for everyone, but I’ll relax a little and revert to ovo-lacto when I’m with family, there aren’t any decent vegan options to be had, and running home to my own veggie-stocked kitchen isn’t an option.
    I agree with TheUpHillStruggle, as “It was about finding the balance between making the right choices for me, while not alienating those around me.”

    Great job sticking to it, though! I look forward to reading your up-and-coming vegan meals πŸ™‚


  6. I concur! Planning is important and social gatherings are complicated when you’re on a restricted diet.

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