The Vegan Challenge: Day Four

Hello everyone. Thank you again for all the helpful comments on my last couple of posts- you’re giving me such helpful insights in to what to try eating next. Thanks so much!

On to day four…

Today I tried mixing it up a little and having something differnt for breakfast. This was porriage made with un-sweetened soya milk topped with chopped banana and sultanas. It was a-ma-zing! Definatly my favourite breakfast so far and something I’m sure I will be returning to in the future.

For lunch I had planned on having a mixed salad but unfortunatly despite the fact they were still in date my salad leaves had gone all brown and slimy so they were off the menu.  I changed my plans a little and made this salad from young spinach leaves (left over from the soup), chopped tomatoes (from Dad’s allotment), cucumber and carrots. Although the dressing looks at bit suspicious its actually only humous watered down a bit to give it a better contistancy. An idea I shamelessly stole from this blog. This was really really good and a lunch I will no doubt be duplicating in the near future. I also had some cherries and a couple of little satsumas as well.

Dinner was again a bit strange. James and I went out tonight to see the National Youth Orchestra (who were fantastic) with my Gran and her partner so we didn’t have time for a sit down meal. Instead we had a little picnic in the car! This comprised of a marmite and soya spread sandwich, carrot sticks and an apple. It was a bit like having lunch twice in a day for me, but sometimes these little adventures are so much fun!

Okay so it is now way past my bedtime when I’m posing this so i’m going to go and hit the hay, but please let me know in comments what your favourite vegan meal is. I would be interested to hear your suggestions!

Lindy xxx



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2 responses to “The Vegan Challenge: Day Four

  1. baybaybites

    Go to the site There are some great recipes! I just checked the book out from the library and there are so many things I want to make.

  2. Hi Lindy, wow I am impressed at your vegan lifestyle. Having my dad being a vegan I have cooked many a meal and I think this one is my fave (leaving out the yoghurt though)

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