The Vegan Challenge: Day Five

Well breakfast today… it was good but the serving was just a little interesting…

I thought I had been so clever in loading the dishwasher and sorting out my kitchen before making breakfast but unfortunately I managed to put all my bowls in the dish washer… doh! So this breakfast came al a plate! I added a dash of cinnamon to my porridge this time because I’m pretty much convinced that cinnamon makes everything better and hey, it this case it most defiantly does! This is soya milk porridge with banana, sultanas and cinamon. Yum, yum, yum!

Lunch was a little bit disappointing after breakfast and considering my successes earlier in the week. Possibly this is because I have been eating along a similar theme for my lunches all week and perhaps I was just a little bored with it. But anyway, I had couscous salad with spinach, allotment tomatoes and cucumber. I also forgot to make any dressing to go with this  which was, I think, this meals main issue!

I had such a chocolate craving today it was unreal. I’ve been so good all week avoiding junk food and my usual dose of chocolate but today this was an itch I just had to scratch. I found these raw date bars at Holland and Barratt which proclaimed themselves to be vegan so I thought hey lets give it a go! I’ve already snaffled the chocolate flavoured one hence no photo but these are good. (Especially because Holland and Barratt were having a penny sale!)

Dinner had to be quick tonight because I was going out to work (I have two jobs, I know crazy) so used used a boxed falafel mix instead of  making them from scratch. This is falafel, roasted beetroot (courtesy of my Dad’s allotment) and broccoli. I chopped up a small red onion and added this to the falafel mix to give it a bit of extra flavour and texture as the mixture looked a little smooth. They were really really good and something I will definitely be having again. But the highlight of this meal for me was the beetroot. I roasted it with a little oil, salt and black pepper, for me this is a much better way then having it drenching in vinegar as I usually buy it.

So my question for today is this- what is your favourite vegan chocolate my friends?

Lindy xxx


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  1. falafel is something I’m not too keen on…my mom used to make it and it stunk up the whole house….LOL!!!!!

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