The Vegan Challenge: Day Six

Saturday! The one day a week where I get a lay in. I love Saturdays, wholly and completely.

I also love Saturdays because of weekend breakfast food; the best kind of food (in my humble opinion)! This morning I experimented with making vegan pancakes. I have been making pancakes pretty much since my parent trusted me to use the cooker as a child- I have an ever abiding love for them and for ages they were about the only thing I could cook well and consistently! These I made with the first recipe I found on google. They are simply flour, baking powder and sugar. I used a little oil as the binder and then soya milk for the batter. Because I am predictable in my breakfast ways I added in cinnamon and sultanas as the flavouring. They were very very scrummy, dare I say it even a little better than the recipe I usually make! The only thing that could have improved then would have been a sauce of some kind but I didn’t have anything in the house which was vegan. I think these would also be amazing with vanilla essence and blueberries… just sayin’! Maybe next weekend.

As I had such a big breakfast I didn’t really fancy a big lunch. but because I was going to work I knew I had to eat something… hence this soup was born. This is very simple pea soup from a recipe that I made up as I went along. I sautéed some onion and garlic in the bottom of my pan before adding vegetable stock and chopped tomatoes. I then threw in some frozen peas and some more spinach because I have so much left (why do supermarkets only sell in in ridiculously large bags I ask you?!) I then cooked it until the peas were done and blitzed it up with my stick blender. This was really tasty and oh so green! Good qualities for a soup I feel!

I was at work this evening so supper was another packed lunch. I used left over falafel with some more of my (never ending!) spinach with cucumber and carrot sticks and an apple. The falafel were not as good cold as I had hoped unfortunately, but you live and you learn. They became very dry and crumbly and not at all yummy. But one uninspiring meal can be forgiven I feel!

So tomorrow my little experiment comes to an end and I think I’ll be a little sad. Its been quite a lot of fun documenting what I’ve been cooking for the last week and has definitely made me more conscious of what I’ve been eating. Check back tomorrow for the penultimate instalment in this particular series!

I would like to take this chance to thank you for all your fantastic suggestions and encouragement over the last week my friends.

Lindy xxx



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4 responses to “The Vegan Challenge: Day Six

  1. jessivore

    Those pancakes look delicious, so nice and fluffy! I always burn mine so I just make waffles instead 🙂

  2. E

    Your pancakes look gorgeous! Seriously, I am so jealous — the one time I attempted vegan pancakes they turned out fairly toxic — I confused baking soda and baking powder and ended up with chemical-tasting baking-soda-flavored nastycakes. Well done!

  3. I use a vegan recipe with water since soy milk gets kinda pricey
    and actually in things like pancakes and waffles and other baked goods you could replace the milk with water without sacrificing consistency, though the flavor of the end product might not be as rich

  4. and LOL I’ve been turned off of pea soups ever since having seen “The Exorcist”….:-P

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