The Vegan Challenge: Day Seven

So today is  the last day of my ‘Vegan Challenge’. I’ve had an awful lot of fun this week documenting what I’ve been making, learning how to cook new things and reading all of your helpful responses, comments and tips. Thanks so much for being so supportive and kind as I muddle my way through. I hope you stick about after this challenge has ended!

So on to my final day…

Because I was at work today, breakfast had to be a speedy afair. This is muesli with soya milk and a big mug of coffee to wake me up! I have over this week developed a serious love of muesli with soya milk I just find it so satisfying as a breakfast, for some reason more so than with regular milk.

As I was at work I’m back on the packed lunches agian. This was rice cooked in vegetable stock with a side of beans in a vinaigrette. I think this could have been really nice but it needed the addition of something extra such as fresh cucumber or something; iunfortunately I just didn’t have time this morning to do anything like this. I think this is an example of a good idea poorly executed!

So for dinner tonight, because it was the last one of this challenge, I wanted to put in a little extra effort and  try cooking something new. This is a ‘Moroccan’ chickpea stew with a side of couscous. (I have no idea why I served it in stripes!) I really liked this, although James wasn’t so convinced! I think next time I will try his suggestion of mixing the couscous in to the stew so it becomes a flavour carrier and soaks up all the spices in the sauce. But for a first effort at a vegan stew I was pretty pleased and thought it was quite delicious.

I also decided to make a dessert because it was the last day of the challenge and all of that! This is stewed apples and plums with soya custard. Because I was using cooking apples I added a a bit of cinnamon and sugar when I was cooking them just to nullify the sharpness a little. This was really really really good! The custard was amazing! Its Alpro soya custard and it was delicious- you really couldn’t tell the difference between this and actual custard. I think I might end up eating it neat its so good!

So there we have it. My week of eating vegan! Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on eating vegan for a week.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend

Lindy xxx



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5 responses to “The Vegan Challenge: Day Seven

  1. jessivore

    Congratulations on a whole week of eating vegan! I love that you ventured outside of your comfort zone and tried a lot of new things. You really showed that eating vegan food can be delicious and doesn’t need to be complicated.

  2. E

    Well done! Your vegan dishes were so pretty and creative — if you hadn’t mentioned it, I think I would have thought you were a pro-vegan! Seriously amazing job at sticking to it for a week!

  3. nice finish…are you thinking of staying vegan?

    I might try this challenge one of these days too when I’ve got a job and a place of my own

    Some people have reservations because they think they’ll have to shop exclusively in the organic section for vegan products but if you use your brain you don’t have to spend a whole lot of time in the organic store….maybe for some of it but not all of it….replacing eggs with vegan substitutes in baking for example can be done by first determining what the egg is being used for….sometimes it’s used as a binder so you’d need to find a vegan product with binding properties….bananas can work well if the egg in the baked good is being used to bind…but sometimes in baked goods the egg is used for its leavening properties….a baking soda/vinegar mixture (can’t recall the formula off the top of my head) can produce a leavening effect in baked goods

    using applesauce in place of any kind of fat is a great vegan way to reduce if not eliminate the fat in your baked dessert goods

    buying in bulk is a great way to save too though at the moment my local wholesaler doesn’t have a great selection of vegan products

    so vegan doesn’t always have to mean expensive….some vegan recipes don’t cost much to make at all

    though if you have vegan griddle cakes for breakfast again might I suggest a little protein in the form of Morningstar Farms veggie/vegan breakfast “meat” products to go along with those griddle cakes? they make veggie/vegan sausage links, sausage patties, and bacon strips

  4. oh and I tried the applesauce replacement for fat trick in the batch of chocolate chip cookies I made (using the vegan sugar cookie recipe and following the instructions for chocolate chip ones by simply adding some chocolate chips) and they came out wonderfully…the apple flavor from the applesauce played nice with the chocolate in the cookies and the consistency was like a flat but moist cake…yum!

    of course the addition of chocolate chips made it not vegan…gotta buy special vegan chocolate chips for that or cut up vegan chocolate bars

    not to mention the flour we use has been boosted into cornell mix by the addition of 1 cup each of soy flour, wheat germ, and nonfat milk solids (which aren’t a vegan product)

  5. but otherwise what I made would’ve been vegan…LOL!!!!!

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