Saturday Steals Vol 24

Saturday Steals is back! My oh my this makes me so happy! So right… todays Saturday Steals comes to you in three parts…

Part One…

James has gone away for two weeks! (Which is why I’ve been a bit absent this last week.) He has gone on a charity mission to Moldova to help rebuild a school- all very noble and commendable and all that but it does mean for the first time I am living on my own! Scary! This is going to take some getting used to! I am so used to living with other people (I’ve only ever lived with my parents, in a shared house with friends at uni or with Jim) that being on my own is very weird. I keep on coming home and expecting him to be there. Oh well….

Part Two…

Some very big news…. Drum roll please…. I’m going back to university in September!!! You have no idea how excited I am about this and how much I’ve been busting to tell the world but I’ve had to wait until I’d told all my various employers etc… I’m going back to study to be a Primary School Teacher which just fills my heart with joy because its something that I love and have wanted to do for a very long time.

(Yes I really am that excited and happy!)

Part Three…

Which brings me on very nicely to part there, my Saturday Steals. Going back to train to teach means a few things but one of them is that I get to read children’s literature again! Guilt free! And call it studying! Ace! I walked past an independent book shop in  the town where I work last week and saw one of the things I love the most in the world… a book sale; and a 10p book sale at that! I immediately snaffled up some amazing bargains which will be invaluable to me on my course next year.

(Yeah James took my camera to Moldova with him so all photos for the next few weeks are going to be on the iSight camera I’m afraid!)

These are double sided books which means I got two separate books in each volume for the grand total of 10p each! You just can’t complain at that.

This book retails for £11.99 on Amazon at the moment (new) and I got it for 10p!  This might be the deal of the century!

These are brand new never been opened practice test papers for the national exams which all British children have to take at the age of 6 and 11. Whilst they are a few years old they will be able to give me a good idea of the kind of questions which are asked and hopefully some good ideas about how to teach the kind of knowledge the kids will require.

There is a move in British primary schools at the moment to start language tuition at a younger age (when I went to school you didn’t even start languages until you reached high school at the age of 11) because studies have shown that children are far more receptive to learning different languages which their brains are younger. Tricolore was the brand of textbook which I used when I went through high school and I thought it would be invaluable to me to have a bit of brush up on my French skills because I haven’t done any formal language lessons since I was 16!

All of these amazing resources together cost me the grand total of £1.20- I don’t I’ve ever been so happy about some steals before- not only did they cost me almost nothing, they will also be amazingly useful to me on my course next year.

Whats your favourite recent bargain friends? Don’t forget to check out some more amazing steals over at Archive of Our Lives.

Lindy xxx



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2 responses to “Saturday Steals Vol 24

  1. ROS!

    I’m so glad you joined in the fun again. It’s good to be back in the old swing of things, eh?

    I am so glad you found those awesome steals. You pretty much HAD to buy them, that’s how cheap they were!

    As for going back to uni, I’m very very happy for you, because I know that YOU are happy for you! If you were dreading it, I would dread it with you. But you’re not, so HOORAY!

    Thanks for stealing and joining in the fun, and good luck with your upcoming adventures!

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