Reading Round Up July

I didn’t manage to get much reading done last month, mostly due to the excitement of going back to university and all the reading and tasks which I have to do for that. But limited time aside I did manage to read four books, so without further ado…

Spider Bones: Kathy Reichs

This was another enjoyable Kathy Reich’s novel. Whilst most of them aren’t anything new per se I do find them a comfortable and familiar read. Reich’s writing is fast paced and and I find her insights in to the workings of real life institutions such as The Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (the focus of this novel) particularly fascinating because she has first hand experience with working with them. I would defiantly recommend this book as an enjoyable summer read with a strong science background which makes it a little more interesting than your average fluffy novel!

A Beginner’s Guide to Reality: Jim Baggott

This was my non-fiction read for the month; its an exploration of how we can determine what reality is and what is real. Whilst that sounds a little heavy this book was really interesting until it got to the chapters on Quantum Physics which I just cannot get my head around. How can a particle be in two places at once and how can one particle have an effect on another particle it is not near????!!! It boggles my mind, just utterly and completely. I’ve read a couple of what could be termed ‘popular science’ books to try and understand this but I’m still no closer to understanding it at all. Maybe its just one of those things that will be  permanently beyond me!!

Listening to God: Joyce Huggett

This book is on the opposite end of the scale to A Beginners Guide to Reality; it was one woman’s memoir  of her journey through discovering the power of prayer. Whilst I don’t fully believe in or really understand prayer all the time Huggett’s response and the way in which she describes her experiences is very touching. This was a very interesting little book and opened up to me a different way in which to view the world.

The Captive Queen: Alison Weir

I rarely complain about a book on here- I try to find the positives in what I read but this time, really I just can’t! I think part of my problem is that I feel as if I should like historical fiction but I do really struggle to find novels that I enjoy. This one was based around the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine (an amazing Medieval Queen who I wrote part of my dissertation on). The problem that  I had with this novel was that Weir seemed to think that the only motivation that a character could have was a sexual one. The entire novel was based around who wanted to sleep with who and it seemed that the only basis on which the main characters could make major decision was one based on sex. By the end of the first couple of chapters I just wanted to scream that people had other motivations and that sex wasn’t the only thing in life! All in all I was disappointed with this novel because Eleanor of Aquitaine’s life was so interesting, varied and politically important that she deserved a far better fate than this novel!

Sorry no photos today- I couldn’t get photo booth to take pictures which were not glared and very very over exposed!

What was your favourite book last month?

Lindy xxx


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  1. I think you would like this book called, Letters From Egypt by Mary Whatly. She left her rich fiance and moved to Egpyt in the late 1880’s I think it was. She just up and moved and left everything to prayer. It is a beautiful and amazing book.

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