Saturday Steals Vol 25

Ahh Saturday Steals… how I love thee! I am still sans camera so you will just have to put up with the dodgy efforts of photo booth I’m afraid.

Now its no secret that I love to buy clothes, and it should come as no surprise that I love to buy discounted clothes even more!

(Yes I know I look a little demented in this photo!)

This shirt was half price which I then got to take my staff discount off meaning it cost me the grand total of £6.30! Pretty good I feel. I don’t usually wear this kind of dusky pink colour but I quite like it! Maybe I’m turning a corner in my wardrobe choices… who knows?!

Why not pop over to Archive of Our Lives to see some more fantastic steals…

Happy weekend my friends!

Lindy xxxx



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3 responses to “Saturday Steals Vol 25

  1. Deals, glorious deals! It looks great, and I’m feeling inspired to get a job that lands me sweet employee discounts, too. I’m thinking Cath Kidston! (Too bad I’d have to make a serious relocation for that.)

    : ) Thanks for joining!

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  3. GORGEOUS! I love you in that dusty rose color, you should totally start wearing it more!

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