Saturday Steals Vol 26

One of the things I have to do for my teaching course is read a lot of children’s literature- all well and good you say. And indeed it is one of the most enjoyable things which I have to do… but; children’s books are expensive and I have to read a lot of them. Cue… the library!! I am a  big believer in libraries (so much so I worked for the library service for a while, but that is another story.) The places are stocked with fabulous up to date children’s books… for free!

My current library stash…

I would heartily recommend and implore all of you to get out and use your local library service. The staff are friendly (I know, I used to be one of them), the buildings are warm and have comfy chairs and the books are free! Where is the downside here people??! Oh and also around where I live you could get good coffee for 20p as well. What more could you want?

In all seriousness if these services are not utilised we run the risk of loosing them in their current form, and the loss of books, freely available to everyone would be a sad day indeed.

Love your libraries my friends!

Lindy xxx



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2 responses to “Saturday Steals Vol 26

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  2. Have I ever told you that I appreciate your participation in SS? I do.

    Do you feel appreciated?

    I haven’t used a library for non-school purposes in ages, and I’m excited to start doing so now. Thanks for the reminder!

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