Saturday Steal Vol 27

Todays steal is less of a thing, and more of a service. You see going back to university I was worried about having time to read regularly because of the insane workload and my nice commuting schedule which will see me leave my house before 7 every morning and not get back ’till gone 7 every night. And this is obviously not acceptable to me; I love reading for pleasure too much to give it up completely… stupid amounts of work be damned! (No I will not be teaching my students that using ‘and’ as the start to a sentence is grammatically acceptable; yes I do know its a conjunction!)

No time for reading? What do I do with all of these?….

So what I needed was a way in which to read which was not overwhelming and was easily accessible… enter This is a website, that FREE of charge, emails you instalments of books of your choice. You can choose the frequency that you get emails (daily, only on weekdays, 3 time a week etc…) and pick the time they come to you.

I might be in love with this service. Most of the books they offer seem to be either out of copyright or less well know, which is perfect for me because I love reading little obscure things.

So this is my steal, books delivered to me daily, free of charge, to my email so I can read them on the train without having to carry anything else. I’m starting off with a Norwegian play called Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen because, well, why wouldn’t you really?!

Happy weekend my friends

Lindy xxx



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2 responses to “Saturday Steal Vol 27

  1. I wrote a really good paper on Hedda Gabler in my second semester at Canadian university (fourth semester at university in general). I still think about it occasionally. Hope you like the play!

    THIS is a really great steal! I am a huge fan of the idea behind this website. I will look into it for sure! Thanks for sharing, and for posting the picture of my home away from home. : ) Good times in the library.

  2. I am so in love with your bookshelves! I am utterly jealous of the books too. I don’t know if I could handle waiting for the next chapter.

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