Saturday Steals Vol 30

Today I have yet more books to share with you! Although I have pretty much run out of room on my book shelves so I am going to have to start to get creative with where I store my books!

This little haul actually came from my Mum. She wanted to clear out some of her old books to free herself up some bookshelf space and I am a more than happy recipient of her off casts!  Like Mother like daughter we both are always running out of space for our respective books habits!

I got a couple of new to me John Le Carre novels which is excellent because James and I went to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy last week at the cinema and I loved it; it gave me a really hankering to read some more of his novels. I also got Surprised by Joy by CS Lewis, which I have read before but I’m happy to add it to my collection because I love his writing style so much. She also gave me a few fantasy novels which I am always happy to add to my ever growing collection and Anna Karenina. Anna Kareina is one of those books I have been meaning to read for ages and ages. Its just one of those classics that I really want to get to grips with.  Since its so ridiculously large it is however one of these books that might just have to wait for a while! I just have too much work to do at the moment to dive head first in to a giant classic! (I think some of those shorter John Le Carre novels are much more up my street!)

How about you my friend? Found any great book steals recently? I beginning to feel like my book habit is a little extreme!

Lindy xxxx



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3 responses to “Saturday Steals Vol 30

  1. I am in awe of how many books you read! I discovered the HUGE library in Cardiff the other day and it was so exciting! They have so many titles! I’m not going to have time for a job!

    • P.S I have just joined a book club and we’re reading Tinker Tailer Soilder Spy. I haven’t started it yet, but it’s not my normal type of book. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it!

  2. I both hate and love having piles of books everywhere. I seriously need to marry a man who’ll build me walls and walls of bookshelves!

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